Titanfall 2 Is Being Ruined By Hackers

Titanfall 2 Is Being Ruined By Hackers
Image: Respawn/EA

Titanfall 2 is one of the best games of the past generation and it’s multiplayer is still unlike anything you’d find in any other shooter. There’s just one problem: Titanfall 2‘s multiplayer has been fundamentally broken beyond repair.

The problem has been chronicled in great detail by Upper Echelon Gamers on YouTube, and it doesn’t appear to be restricted to just Titanfall 2. The crux of the issue is that players, particularly high profile streamers who have looked to give Titanfall 2 a whirl, cop a denial of service (or distributed denial of service) attack that renders the game unplayable until they eventually get disconnected.

That in and of itself isn’t hugely surprising: games of all sorts, ranging from Call of Duty to Counter-Strike to The Division 2 have all been hit with bouts of DOS/DDOS attacks in the past.

But what’s special about the attacks on Titanfall 2 is just how targeted they seem to be. The Titanfall 2 community created a special mod to hide people’s user information, in effect creating a “Streamer Mode” to stop players from being targeted. But that hasn’t stopped the DDOS attacks, which are ruining the game not just for top tier streamers but players of all stripes.

“Here in Australia, since about 2 nights ago, random games with no streamers are being shut down as well. A match I was on earlier today was hit 3 seperate times, losing more players each time,” a local Titanfall 2 player complained last week.

The bigger problem, as outlined in the video above, is tied into Titanfall 2‘s infrastructure. The game doesn’t rely on dedicated servers, but a cloud-based network where different servers are used on a day-to-day basis. That would, in theory, make attacks like this more complicated to execute. But the fact that Titanfall 2 has been under attack for months, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight.

Respawn has tweeted publicly about the Titanfall games being hit by DDOS attacks, but at the time of writing there hasn’t been any major patches or updates to correct the kind of systemic issues players seem to be having.

The one positive, at least, is that Respawn publicly acknowledging the problem might induce some kind of response. The game’s accessibility through Xbox Game Pass means there’s always a likelihood of Titanfall 2 having some kind of consistent player base, not to mention the popularity the game has been able to generate since its relaunch on Steam. Titanfall 2 recently got support for 120 FPS on the Xbox Series X and S too, making it well worth revisiting on both those consoles.


  • Its odd, I play a tonne of TF2 and haven’t seen the issue in Australia. Not saying it isn’t happening though.

    Also, whatever bee is in this guys bonnet is nuts.

    • Yeah the hacker has only recently turned his attention to Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 shares basically the same network backend for the MP as titanfall 1 so i could get worse eventually. Titanfall 1 is unplayable on PC due to this hacker. The same could happen to all platforms for titanfall 2 if EA or Respawn doesn’t do anything.

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