For Some Reason, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

For Some Reason, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch
Image: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an ambitious, sprawling and deeply-flawed RPG that came out back in 2018. Now, despite its scale and technical issues on far more powerful platforms, the game is coming in 2021 to the Nintendo Switch.

Who asked for this? Who has never played the game, doesn’t own any other system it exists for and will run better on (it also came out on PS4 and Xbox One) and will now, three years later, buy it on the Nintendo Switch?

For the three people on the planet who are currently saying “uh, me, maybe?”, there are things about the game that are really annoying — there’s a lot of medieval drudgery, and its combat is pitched as being “realistic” but is really just “selectively terrible” — but also some stuff that’s very cool, like being able to just chill out and live a medieval life and maybe the prettiest map in video game history.

Those three people should also know that the main reason folks are wary of a game like this coming to a system like the Switch is that far slicker and older RPGs — like The Witcher 3 — have tried and failed to scale themselves down successfully on the Switch, and Kingdom Come never ran great on the PC in the first place.

But hey, three years later and some downscaled graphics and it might just work fine!


  • What’s with the negative attitude of this article? Maybe there’s fans of the game that would love to play it on the go? I’ve never played the game but yucking on other peoples yum like this kind of bothers me.

    • The game still brings some modern PCs to its knees; it’s notoriously in need of optimisation.

      It’s going to end up looking like a total smudge on the Switch, for sure. And at some point, you have to ask whether the graphical cuts and frame rate hits are too severe. (Plus, optimising for the Switch isn’t exactly the same skillset as optimising for PC or regular consoles.)

      • Basically, for the same reason that CDPR shouldn’t have released CP2077 on Xbox One and PS4. You can’t release a game that runs at 4fps as a smudge.

    • Agreed.

      And as someone that has played and “beaten” the game, I disagree that it’s a “deeply flawed RPG”. Rather its a “medieval romp” with a lovable hero, a believable (if over used) story line, so-so fighting, a huge map, interesting NPCs, 100’s of hours of game play etc etc.

      Yes the game has bugs (I played the PS4 version). Yes something the AI goes wrong and certain aspects of the combat are clunky. But honestly if you want to get lost in this game and just soak up the medievalness, then this is certainly a game worth considering.

      Of course, porting it to the Switch…. why? Why not KCD2!!! 🙂

    • Maybe because the game still runs appalling on the pro consoles from last gen, with the devs seemingly unwilling to try and do anything more about it, how of earth will it handle a switch?!

    • I’ve seen Doom running on a pregnancy test. Just because it’s a technical feat doesnt mean anyone should actually play it like that.

      This game is a particularly odd pick for a Switch port.

  • This one has been sitting in my Steam library unplayed since I picked it up on sale around Christmas. Didn’t even realise it had technical issues but that makes me feel better about not having tried it out yet!

  • The Witchers 3 runs fine on Switch and while it isn’t the optimal experience calling it a failure is Gatekeeping.

  • So a game that barely worked with horrible performance on xbox one is gonna be ported to the switch?

    Looking forward to seeing the amount of refunds.

  • It is an amazing game, but you have to remember one thing… you are initially a peasant/blacksmiths son with no skills in combat at all. The combat system is tricky, but its also hard because you have no skill at the start. Expect to spend some serious real life hours in the training yard learning the different skills and getting your arse handed to you.

  • I’m currently on my second playthrough of Witcher on Switch.
    Saber did a great job optimizing it for the console and it’s limitations.
    This article is an opinion piece.

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