Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets A First-Person Mod

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets A First-Person Mod

Have you ever looked at Mass Effect? Like, really looked at it? Have you studied every crag in Wrex’s face? Stared Kaidan and Ashley right in the eyes while wondering why you couldn’t leave both of them behind on Virmire? Watched the fish in Shepard’s cabin swim for 80+ hours? Well now you can do that again, but more.

JadeBarker’s “First-Person Mode” mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition does exactly what it says on the tin: It puts you inside a tiny cockpit in Shepard’s eyeballs, or lets you ride atop a GoPro on her head, or however you choose to visualise it. It’s worth noting, however, that this only extends to exploration. If you’re in combat or conversing, the game reverts to its standard third-person viewpoint — likely because a first-person point of view would just make those things more difficult.

This is hardly JadeBarker’s first Mass Effect mod. They’ve also overhauled various games in the series in a plethora of other ways, some practical (new gun reticles, a better camera) and some life-changing (a mod for the original Mass Effect 2 that turns Shepard into Sonic The Hedgehog, another that converts all dialogue to uwu speak).

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At this point, Mass Effect has reasserted its status as one of gaming’s premiere series, largely thanks to fond memories revived by Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This has caused some fans — starved for even a morsel of information about what the next Mass Effect is going to be like — to go back and reevaluate 2017’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is certainly…a choice. Sadly, no number of mods will ever elevate that game to the level of its predecessors, even if it wasn’t all bad. Here’s hoping Mass Effect: The Next One can right the ship and prove truly worthy of any and all uwu dialogue mods that follow in its wake.

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