The Best PS5 Memes To Laugh Away The Pain Of Not Having One

The Best PS5 Memes To Laugh Away The Pain Of Not Having One
Image: Reddit

More than eight months on from the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, stock still hasn’t reached a stable level. While issues like coronavirus-induced shipping and warehousing delays, and chip shortages can be blamed, it’s hard not to feel disappointed if you’ve missed out so far. Right now, you can’t walk into your nearest EB Games or JB Hi-Fi and simply pick up a console but hey, you know what you can do? Look at PS5 memes. Sometimes, they’re all you need to spark some real joy.

Here’s the best PS5 memes around, so you too can laugh through the pain.

The PS5 looks like…

Ahh, remember the halcyon days of the PS5 launch announcement when we finally discovered what this mini behemoth would really look like? Everyone came out of the woodwork to compare it to fans, fridges, routers and more. And they were all right.

It was a more innocent time, and one filled with a lot more hope.

SNL hit gold with this PS5 meme

It’s not often modern day Saturday Night Live really hits, but the comedy team struck gold with this skit about the scarcity of the PS5 way back in December 2020.

Who knew it would still be so relevant today?

The PS5 Pro is coming, right?

The PS4 Pro was a massive upgrade for the original PS4, but it left some owners feeling a little bit burned. It also led to wild speculation we’ll be seeing a PS5 Pro at some point in the future — and as one Twitter user imagined, it might just be two PS5s stuck together.

Honestly, this looks good. Can’t fault it at all.

Even Gordon Ramsay got in on the PS5 memes

Everybody’s favourite angry chef Gordon Ramsay is ripe for memeing, and he even did a small stint in the PS5 meme wars.

In this case, the classic ‘idiot sandwich’ meme was deployed to phenomenal effect.

That’s what we call a total fatality.

PS5 memes to make you hungry

We all love tacos, right? Well, it’s no wonder the PS5 makes us hungry then.

That looks absolutely delicious.

But squint a bit harder, and you can also make out something even more appealing.

Mmm, yum.

What do you mean you don’t have a PS5?

Anyone who currently owns one probably looks a bit like this right now.

ps5 memes look superior
Image: Memedroid

We all know somebody.

PS2 + PS3 = PS5

It just makes sense.

@ElSangito is on a whole other level of genius.

PS5 memes to give you a heart attack

Okay, just take a breath and look at this.

Say it’s fake.


Eight months on, how do you feel about the PS5?

ps5 memes
Image: Reddit

Will Smith speaks for us all.

If you’re still in the market for a PS5, stay tuned to Kotaku Australia’s stock hub or follow our pals over at Press Start Australia on Twitter for minute-by-minute updates.

Believe you can grab a PS5, and you will. In the meantime, ease the pain with these juicy PS5 memes.

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  • I own one and while my husband and I are both enjoying it (myself for PS4/5 exclusives, he for multiplats as well as he doesn’t have a gaming PC) we still both find it quite ugly and stupidly huge lol, the controller has terrible battery life too. Saw a Series X in JB and it was surprisingly small by comparison.

  • If people actually wanted it they would have one by now. Put down a deposit and get in line, if you didn’t do this months ago and are just waiting for it to hit the shelves….

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