DokeV Was Both A Breath Of Fresh Air And Totally Confusing

DokeV Was Both A Breath Of Fresh Air And Totally Confusing
Image: Pearl Abyss / DokeV

Amidst all the gunsFranchise Sequel X reveals, reboots and remakes of existing IP, it was nice of DokeV to shake things up with some K-Pop level energy. There was just one problem: it was never entirely clear what the game was about.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, I’d recommend grabbing a coffee or two. It’s very high energy, super vibrant with a poppy track, which is totally in sync with the child-like characters that inhabit the day and night worlds of DokeV.

With that warning out of the way, watch the video below and have a think about what kind of game you think DokeV is. (Don’t cheat by reading the video description, either: just watch it live like everyone did during the conference.)

So just to recap: there’s kids skateboarding and riding around some kind of beach town, they can transform into superheroes at certain points, one of them has a pretty sweet air glider, and there’s some form of demonic service robots that occasionally invade, bringing cataclysmic weather with them.

The first hint is actually in the developer’s name. Pearl Abyss are the makers of Black Desert Online, the Korean free-to-play MMORPG. DokeV isn’t following in the MMO roots — despite the game first being advertised as such — but the direction is more inspired by Pokemon.

And it’s specifically Pokemon, too. The trailer made it look like the characters themselves were transforming as if they were the hero, but the official description is pretty clear. “Befriend the adorable Dokebi that gain strength from and encourage people’s dreams,” the site says. The various traversal mechanisms, like the jet ski for instance, will probably all come into play to find certain types of Dokebi.

Nothing about the trailer really showed what the Dokebi capturing experience was like, since most of the enemies you fought — bar what looked like a blow-up crocodile — could have been taken from Big Hero 6.

No harm shall befall this beautiful creature.

Still, amidst the sequelness that you get in a lot of these industry shows, DokeV bopped. It doesn’t have an official release date, however. I’m just hoping you don’t have to commit some kind of unspeakable act to ride that cute alpaca. I’d go to war for that fluffy thing.


  • Not sure what to think of this until there’s more on the collecting/catching/monster levelling experience, but it was a very pretty trailer.

  • This trailer was amazing. I was watching it live on Twitch and at first was questioning what this is whilst chat just spammed sleep emotes and asked for New World. But as the trailer went on you saw people actually begin to get excited, and by the end of the trailer a lot of viewers were hyped. This game looks like an absolute blast and damn I think I’ve watched the trailer at least 10 times. Fantastic surprise.

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