Horizon Forbidden West Launches February 18, Making February A Nightmare

Horizon Forbidden West Launches February 18, Making February A Nightmare
Image: Sony / Guerilla Games

We knew Horizon: Forbidden West wasn’t going to hit 2021, but during Gamescom today Guerilla Games officially confirmed earlier reports.

Horizon Forbidden West is launching on February 18, 2022. It comes as no surprise given the amount of hints Sony and Guerilla has given about the challenges of developing a AAA game during a pandemic. The move makes February one hell of a stacked month though: there’s Sifu, the Saints Row reboot, Horizon: Forbidden West, Destiny 2The Witch Queen, potentially the Evil Dead game and King of Fights XV all within the same 10 days.

Forbidden West‘s release date news was followed with a bonus: Horizon Zero Dawn has finally gotten an updated performance patch for PS5. It won’t be targeting a true 4K per se, only hitting 4K via checkerboard resolution, but I can’t imagine many people will mind too much.

This should be available for everyone who has access to Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition — but not the base Horizon Zero Dawn, it seems. If you haven’t upgraded, the Complete Edition is going for $24.95 on PSN. You’re better off buying a physical copy for $12 through Amazon, though.


  • Well just Saints Row for me, since I’ll just wait for the PC port of Forbidden West. 😀 Pity its coming out a few weeks after my birthday. Could’ve been a fun excuse for time off. “Can I have a week off to commit vehicular manslaughter?”

    (I think you mean ‘King of Fighters’ in that second paragraph?)

  • February a nightmare? Hell no, it’s just become awesome! Been hanging out for a Horizon sequel ever since I finished the first game. It’s going to be a real stunner on PS5, can’t wait!

  • My digital base Horizon + FW DLC got the patch, so you don’t have to buy the Complete Edition necessarily.

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