The Absolute Girth Of This Very Wide Game Boy

The Absolute Girth Of This Very Wide Game Boy

Last year, The Retro Future made a very long Game Boy, and honestly where else do you go from there other than making a very wide Game Boy Advance.

There is no practical reason to do this. The video itself is called “I made the GameBoy Advance wider for no reason”. And yet, there could be reasons. Firstly, the dimensions of this are very pleasing to me, like a cartoonist made a loving caricature of the original handheld.

But also, there maybe are practical purposes for this? Handheld video games have come a long way in the last 20 years, and where once it was totally fine to release a smaller Game Boy that had you cramping your hands together like a big crab, these days we’re more accustomed to the width of something like the Switch, so maybe this would bizarrely be more comfortable to our modern sensibilities?

Or not, since he’s really just doing for “comedic effect”. Anyway, his joking aside this is still really impressive! Normally console hacks like this come with all sorts of rough edges and compromises, but the bodywork here is very good, and even when he’s turning it around in the light it looks like something Nintendo might have actually released if we lived in a world where Nintendo were even madder about this stuff than they already are.

If you haven’t seen the original Long Game Boy video from May 2020, which is probably even funnier, here it is:

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