Opera GX’s Built-In Game Will Make You Hope Your Net Cuts Out

Opera GX’s Built-In Game Will Make You Hope Your Net Cuts Out

Opera GX has announced the winner of one of its recent game development competitions, the “No Internet” Game Jam, is to be implemented as a quick-fix browser game for when your internet cuts out. Whether it’s dodgy wi-fi or an ISP issue, Operius will be there as a pick-me-up.

Operius is a Tempest-like with sped-up pacing out of consideration for those who might actually want to continue on to their webpage eventually. The power-ups and levels come thick and fast, an experience scaled as an “in-between” stint for busy schedules.

You can play it in the browser or download it here, and Opera GX users can type “opera://operius” to play it at any time.

A triangle flies down a corridor similar to the one in Tempest, shooting straight forward as it goes

The idea is similar to Google’s dinosaur game, but more of an actual game. Truth be told, the winner of this competition might be too good of a game, because I can imagine people starting and not wanting to stop when their webpage eventually loads.

I mean, even without playing a game during a wait, I sometimes type something into the URL bar and then forget what I wanted in the first place. This’ll distract me even more. Damn you, Opera.

Recently we talked about Opera GX, the “browser for gamers” which has a few features you might like such as limiting resources browser tabs can use while you’re gaming, social/sharing functionality, and lots of ways to play smaller indie games in the browser.

Red enemies and white obstacles come towards the player as the player flies downward through the tunnel

One of the best parts about it is how focused on the indie dev scene Opera seems to be. It’s hosted game jams, competitions, bought the company behind GameMaker, and implemented a streamlined publishing functionality directly from GM to Opera GX.

That’s all pretty great, and some of you even tried the browser out and reported back in the comments, with positive results, which was cool to see! In this case, developer Mors also took home $10k USD.

A game jam to decide your loading screen game is a super cool idea, and again, I have to give it to Opera for finding new ways to support developers as a part of this big push into gamer browser territory. I hope it becomes a regular thing, and Opera GX users have a new cool game surprising them every time their wi-fi cuts out – perhaps even turning a negative experience into a positive one.

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