Overwatch’s McCree Is Now Cole Cassidy

Overwatch’s McCree Is Now Cole Cassidy
Screenshot: Activision Blizzard

Overwatch’s McCree will now be known as Cole Cassidy, the developers announced today, further distancing the character from designer Jesse McCree, one of the men named in the “Cosby Suite” allegations.

“The first thing a renegade loses is their name, and this one gave up his long ago,” the Twitter reveal reads. “Running from his past meant running from himself, and each passing year only widened the divide between who he had been and what he had become. But in every cowboy’s life, there comes a time where he has to stop and make a stand. To make this new Overwatch better, to make things right, he had to be honest with his team and himself. The cowboy he was rode into the sunset, and Cole Cassidy faced the world at dawn.”

McCree (the developer, not the cowboy) left Blizzard in August amidst a period of turmoil for Activision Blizzard as a whole. A lawsuit filed on July 20 by the state of California claimed that the company’s leadership had negligently allowed an environment rife with sexual harassment and abuse to fester within its walls.


    • Dude, you’ve been trolled. Seriously, one actor in one gay themed wrestling video released in 2006 used the pseudonym.

      This is what happens when you get most of your (mis)information from 4chan.

        • and…? implying this is a huge fail seems to take some pretty childish logic, do you have a grown up explanation or just lol porn?

      • Since you both raise such strong arguments I thought I’d look into it myself.

        From what I can tell, Cassidy Cole is the name of a real woman (potentially an alias) who has done some nude photography (and not the artistic kind (although you could argue that it is art but you know what I mean)). Said imagery appears to be in the vain of titillation rather than evoking thought.
        From my brief search I didn’t see any videos, or images that weren’t solo, so I wouldn’t call her a pornographic actress.

        My conclusion: more than a nude model, not quite a pornographic model, needs more research.

  • Seems people forget the difference between being named after a specific individual and happening to share a name with an individual.

  • Let’s be real, it wouldn’t have mattered what they named him. People would have found some issue.

    The “OMG that’s such a white name” complaints I’ve seen are something special though. Like no shit, Karen, it’s hard to get much whiter than the white guy who’s whole theme is western cowboy.

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