Halo Infinite Cheaters Are Insta-Clicking Heads With Aimbots

Halo Infinite Cheaters Are Insta-Clicking Heads With Aimbots

Though its campaign isn’t out yet, 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite is already seeing massive success on account of its free-to-play multiplayer that launched just last week. Unfortunately for those playing with dignity and respect, it seems cheaters are out in full force, resorting to dubious tactics like aimbots and wallhacks to get some impressively impossible kills and fluff their scores.

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As evidenced by a clip from Twitch streamer Douglas “DougisRaw” Wolf of himself watching a playback of his own encounter with a Halo Infinite cheater earlier this week, it seems players are modding either their game or controller — or both — to deploy various exploits. In the below video, DougisRaw can be seen not just vulgarly criticising the offending player but also getting straight-up rekt by the cheater in question.

It’s pretty evident that regardless of where DougisRaw is, the cheating Halo Infinite player immediately locates him — and others — to insta-click heads. Whether he’s hiding behind cover or not even in the frame at all, the cheater always knows. And this is thanks to both aimbots and wallhacks, mods that help automate target acquisition and alter the properties of walls, respectively.

DougisRaw isn’t the only person showcasing Halo Infinite cheaters in all their unceremonious glory. Over on the game’s subreddit, user KanoxHD posted a video of themselves also getting killed by someone using an aimbot. Just watch how the reticle finds and follows players instantly.

It should be fine to be bad at games. Everyone starts from somewhere, after all. Equally, it should also be fine to learn how to get better at games. That’s often what makes them fun — growing and improving your skills. But resorting to cheats just to get a high K/D ain’t it. And while 343 Industries has said there needs to be anti-cheat in competitive games, especially those like Halo Infinite that are cross-play between PC and Xbox consoles, it’s unclear what steps the developer will take to address these issues.

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As Halo Infinite players have cheaters to contend with, fans of the game are pretty pissed about the battle pass’ progression. There have been some improvements, and 343 Industries did give out a bonus gift for all the troubles, but the backlash particularly around cosmetics is still intensifying.

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  • All that needs to happen is to make the online component cost like $30 to buy, then start banning Microsoft and steam accounts, it’s the free to play that attracts these garbage people. Would you still get cheaters? Sure, but wayyy less of them.

    Charging $30 would also mean they could fix the rubbish progression system and be less stingy. Then when the campaign launches just charge everyone $30-$50 for that half of the game… granted this might be the arbiter of a whole new age of piecemeal incremental game development (god I hope not…)

  • It seems like near every online multiplayer shooter is now ruined barely before it’s even launched. Can’t play Warzone. Can’t play Apex. Now can’t play Halo. Great games, or at least they were when you thought you had at least a chance against skilled players. Not worth wasting your time when a guy can headshot you with an uzi from half the map away while jumping off a building.

    Maybe publishers will soon start to realise anti-cheat or limiting PC crossplay or doing *anything* different to combat this is a necessity when people stop playing/paying for your AAA title. When the ROI drops dramatically because you can’t even make your dev costs back because no one wants to play a game broken by cheaters they’ll find a way.

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