Id Software Is Trying To Stop A Man Who Wants To Name His Band ‘Doomscroll’

Id Software Is Trying To Stop A Man Who Wants To Name His Band ‘Doomscroll’
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Doomscrolling is that thing where you spend way too much time flipping through Twitter or Instagram reading bad news. And apparently, a metal guitarist in Dallas, Texas thought it would be the perfect name for a new band. But after attempting to trademark the band name, Doom devs Id Software began a legal opposition to the name which could go on until 2023.

As reported by Wired, guitarist, and Amazon employee Dustin Mitchell is potentially facing a legal battle with Id Software over the word “Doomscroll” and his desire to use as the name of a new “progressive thrash metal band.” He was inspired to use doomscroll as his band name after reading an article about a QAnon-obsessed woman who destroyed a rack of face masks located at her local Target. She would later explain what led to the outburst, saying “All I did was doomscroll.” Mitchell liked the sound of the word and decided it would make a great band name.

Mitchell, who claims to not be very online and who doesn’t doomscroll himself, decided in February to trademark the band name with the US Patent and Trademark Office. A few months later, it was approved and after 30 days he was informed his trademark would be legally set.

Then on October 13, on the very last day of the 30 day period, he got an email from a lawyer and his law firm which represented Id Software. The lawyer asked Mitchell to extend the 30-day USPTO trademark deadline in order to avoid any legal action. Mitchell felt weird after getting the email, telling Wired that he was a big fan of the old Doom games as a kid and now he was facing off against the devs over his band name. “They’re trying to take something away from me that is completely unrelated to them,” said Mitchell.

A trademark lawyer told Wired that while it might seem odd, Mitchell most likely had every right to trademark the word doomscroll because it within the context of music it “is not generic or descriptive of music, musical performances, or musical services.” But Id’s lawyers are most likely “scooting” in to try to protect the brand name and franchise from any confusion. According to the Wired report, Id has similarly stepped in to stop other folks from trademarking or registering brand names that use the word doom, including a rock metal event named the “Maryland Doom Fest” and a podcast titled “Garden of Doom.”

For now, the future of Doomscroll (The band) is up to lawyers at Id Software. In October, Mitchell received a lengthy trial schedule that goes all the way until 2023. So this most likely won’t be settled anytime soon, unless the guitarist gives up the fight.


  • This is so unbelievably stupid. Wouldn’t they have to prove that a layperson would be reasonably likely to confuse the band with their IP of the game? I don’t recall hearing Id going after MF Doom (RIP). And a quick Spotify search returns artists like Doom, JJ Doom, DOOM, Dooms Children, Dangerdoom, Doomriders… So either they did and it never made the news, but this guy is using it to milk some publicity (which fair enough tbh), or they didn’t and their legal team is just very inconsistent. Either way, the whole things is ridiculous.

  • “this guy is using it to milk some publicity ”

    Since when do up and coming bands have that much disposable income and time to waste on a lawsuit against such a gaming Titan? He must be one rich ass person if that is his only goal.

    Is he getting advertising from it, sure, but come on this is not the type of fight one takes just for publicity.

    • Fighting the lawsuit isn’t needed for the publicity angle to work. I didn’t know who Dustin Mitchell was before today but now I do. All it would take is to get a bit of coverage, make a few pull quotes, then post about how broken copyright law is and now I’m changing my name to this other thing. I’m sure he’s got an [x] amount of time to comply with the cease and desist, during which time he can milk it. I don’t know if this is what he is doing, and to be clear, I don’t think that’s a bad thing to do if he is. But I’ve played in bands for years, I know the mindset that you have to be in to try use every publicity opportunity that comes your way.

  • This is funny to me, cause Bethesda owns IdSoftware…
    but Bethesda also owns a trademark on a game title they have viciously protected in the past called “Scroll”.

    So DOUBLE SUE!!!

    • I can understand another game with Scrolls in it being sued.

      You have to be seen to be actively defending your Trademarks.

      But a band…?

      Maybe they come to a peppercorn lease or something?

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