Amiga A500 Mini Launches March 2022 With 25 Games

Amiga A500 Mini Launches March 2022 With 25 Games
Photo: Retro Games Ltd

Yesterday, Retro Games Ltd. announced that its full licensed mini version of the popular late ‘80s computer, the Amiga A500, would be out on March 25, 2022 and also revealed the full list of the 25 games included with the retro-inspired device.

First announced back in August 2021, the Amiga A500 Mini is a shrunk-down recreation of the 1987 A500 PC, even including an integrated keyboard like the classic A500. It will cost $US140 ($196) when it releases on March 25.

This new officially licensed Amiga Mini is similar to other popular recreated retro consoles, like the NES and SNES mini or those Atari Flashback consoles clogging up clearance aisles at various Walmarts. Like those past mini consoles, the A500 Mini comes bundled with 25 games, but players will also be able to use it to play other compatible games via a USB drive.

While we knew some of the 25 games included in the A500 Mini, the full list has now been revealed and it includes some beloved classics like Zool, Worms, and Alien Breed 3D. Here’s the full list:

  • Alien Breed 3D
  • Alien Breed: Special Edition ’92
  • Another World
  • Arcade Pool
  • ATR: All Terrain Racing
  • Battle Chess
  • Cadaver
  • California Games
  • The Chaos Engine
  • Dragons Breath
  • F-16 Combat Pilot
  • Kick Off 2
  • The Lost Patrol
  • Paradroid 90
  • Pinball Dreams
  • Project-X: Special Edition 93
  • Qwak
  • The Sentinel
  • Simon the Sorcerer
  • Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
  • Stunt Car Racer
  • Super Cars II
  • Titus The Fox: To Marrakech And Back
  • Worms: The Director’s Cut
  • Zool: Ninja Of The “Nth” Dimension

The Amiga A500 Mini outputs a 720p HD image at either the original 50Hz or 60Hz refresh rates. It will also include some CRT filters and other visual settings that players can tweak until they get it just right. The A500 Mini also includes a controller and a two-button mouse.



  • Pretty decent list of games, although also missing some that you’d expect in an Amiga collection… Xenon 2, Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, The Immortal, Shadow of the Beast and nothing from Sensible Software or Cinemaware?. Also nothing from Psygnosis, although maybe they couldn’t get those rights since Sony bought them out back in the 90s.

    The inclusion of Alien Breed 3D makes me wonder if it’s actually emulating the A1200 rather than the A500? Which would seem to make sense anyway – not much point emulating the less powerful hardware, even if it retains the outward appearance of the more popular A500.

    • Not many of the ‘classics’ like Captain Blood or the other european (as opposed to UK) developers. I never owned an amiga, but I had friends with them, and I kept up on the magazines so the collection is recognisably lacking.

      Hopefully some enterprising soul finds a way of doing a complete collection for it.

  • Kinda strange how it has Another Worlds but not Flashback, and that it has Pinball Dreams but not the far superior sequels Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions. No Shadow of the Beast either which is another odd omission.

  • Does it come with a pile of disks of pirated games that are full of viruses? It absolutely needs that for the genuine Amiga experience 😀

  • Lists of any kind are subjective and will always prompt “where is…” comments, but limiting it to 25 Amiga games never stood a chance of scratching people’s Amiga itch. I feel like they should have at least added something (anything) by Cinemaware, and I’d have loved to have seen Sensible World of Soccer and IK+. As it is I think I’ll stick with emulation.

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