Game Pass Subscribers Are Getting Free Monthly Halo Infinite Loot

Game Pass Subscribers Are Getting Free Monthly Halo Infinite Loot
Image: Halo Infinite/343 Industries

As a little extra push for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, Halo Infinite will grant bonus monthly loot and skins to those with active subs. The news comes from the latest Xbox Wire news blog.

The upcoming loot drop will include the green “Pass Tense” coating for the MA40 AR, along with a set of 4x challenge swap cards and 4x Double XP cards. The rewards will cycle each month, and new items will become available for subscribers.

The immediate community response was, as it has been since Halo Infinite multiplayer launched, mixed. While most seem happy for another avenue for collecting coatings and gear, there was a lot of grumbling and shuffling of feet about the coming drop being yet another MA40 AR coating. It’s possible to apply coatings and logos to every gun in the game, though not every coating is compatible with every weapon. Right now, by dint of being one of Halo Infinite‘s default weapons, the MA40 has the greatest number of coatings in the game and this, players say, throws yet another skin on that pile. Players are hungry for variety to encourage a wider array of weapon use in multiplayer scrims.

Obviously, it’s still very early days and new items will arrive in the game regularly over time. It’s nevertheless an indicator of how much Halo Infinite is being played right now that this critique leapt out so readily.

This offer won’t kick off until December 8, the day Halo Infinite‘s campaign drops, so keep your eyes peeled. Subscribers can redeem these items via the Game Pass app on their Xbox. PC users will find them under the Perks menu in the Xbox app.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available ow, and is free to play. Its campaign mode drops on December 8.


  • I thought they might give Game Pass subscribers the premium battle pass but I guess this is better than nothing.

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