ScribbleTaku 2

ScribbleTaku 2
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Comics are very much my comfort zone so I’m glad that people seemed to vibe with last week!

If you were a Kirby fan, no need to fear as I still have plans to incorporate the sweet round friend into future ScribbleTaku entries. In terms of last week, the game that was being referenced is technically a part of the Kirby family, being Part-Time UFO from HAL Laboratory. Part-Time UFO is definitely one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played, but it’s also available on Switch with a co-op mode and new challenges. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend checking it out! It’s a great puzzle-physics game with super cute graphics, and you get to dress up the UFO!

part time ufo
Image: HAL Laboratory

The winner of last week’s ScribbleTaku is JulesLiamEX, so a big congratulations to you! I also loved the other guesses though, ‘Grumpy UFO’ and ‘the UFO frame rate test’ got a good giggle out of me.

I would probably consider this week’s game to be on the complete other end of the spectrum. If you know what game it is and have any funny stories from playing the game, let us know!


    • Nami! I thought you were too nice to play something like Rust!
      But I guess we are all complicated beings that despite being rather nice people IRL (well…mostly), we all sometimes like to indulge in a little pocket world of toxic insanity now n then. I’m a reformed ex-rust player myself, I’m sad to admit.

      • Smeeeg! Long time mate, hope you had a good holiday period man.

        I’ve never actually got around to playing Rust but I was into DayZ and other Arma survival spin offs in big way for a while.
        I was never the sort for blind killing though, preferring to sneak around and watch folks.
        The bandits on my old server called me a survival voyeur because my days alive got ridiculous and I would always let them know just how close and oblivious they were to my presence.

        Your experiences below are probably why I would avoid Rust these days, I enjoy a good survival throw down but it sounds like trying to play ARK Officials.
        Was a total laugh to read.

  • Every time I re-attempt Rust:
    A cautionary tale.

    Ok, after swearing off this game a year ago, let’s see if it’s improved any.
    There we go. Just a naked guy waking on a beach to-
    Gee thanks, naked, 11 y/o zerg dudes. Feels great to be back…
    * Dakkadakkadakkadakka *
    Hey there, guys with AK’s murdering naked spawns on the beach! Long time, no see. Shame it ain’t longer, lol. Oh well, some things never change. No biggie, I’ll try a different spawn.
    “(Insert Country Here) Number 1!”
    * Ka-BOOM! *
    Hi There, Some variety of 20 man, non-english speaking clan who’s gigantic fortress sprung up overnight next to my crappy shack! Can we please try to be neighbourly? Like, if you don’t fire rockets at me again, I’ll keep on not shooting arrows at your 5 concentric rings of walls or your stupid-huge armoured tower? Plz? No, I’m not American. Aussie. AUSSIE, DAMMNIT! Wow, that’s a bit rude! F_ck! Ok, ok! I’ll just go make a new shitty-ass base elsewhere once I respawn, shall I? Geeez!
    * Thwip-Thwip! *
    And thanks to you too, Mr Roof-camper with a silencer…I guess. Not like I was even close to being a threat to your sweaty compound either, but whatevs. I didn’t wanna live in this part of the map anyway!
    * THUNK, THUNK, THUNK * Did I just get triple headshot while chopping trees in a forest? From a base that’s 3 map squares away?! No line of sight to me whatsoever?!! OH FFS!!! It seems we meet again, Mr Hacker. Umm, seriously, bro… Aren’t you sick of this lame shit yet? No? Cooooool…. Let me just go report you and get it completely ignored, if only to say “I tried” to myself. That’ll show him….
    * CHOMP *
    Yeah, Hi James the bear. Great timing, mate.
    “Cyka Bylat!”
    * BOOM! BOOM!…sigh. *
    Oh, just go eat a bag of dicks, you Door-camping asshat!
    * Choppachoppachoppa *
    Uhhh, hey there lads. Come on guys, isn’t a 4 man, fully-geared squad with night vision being airdropped onto a stone 2×2 a little excessive, guys?
    * Brapp Brapp *
    Oh. This is YOUR island? Can’t I just farm for y’all and you just leave me be? I only want a quiet hidey-hole near (X/Y) til I can find enuff scrap to buy a submarine and-
    * Brapp. Big sigh. *
    …K. Sure, you absolutely needed that 49 scrap, 180 stone and primative tools way more than I did, lmao. Yup, even more shitty treasures not worth the C4 you’re using await you inside my hovel!
    * BlamBlamBlamBlam! *
    Wow, hiding on the cargo ship to steal my Hazzy, SAR and mini-chopper? Classy, mate. Was it worth waiting that long? No, dude. I’m pretty sure you ain’t my mum’s type, bruh.
    * Breeze whistling thru my base’s looted remains *
    Wow, I was offline for 45 mins and you go and offline raid my barely profitable solo base? Thanks for the massive sign with homophobic slurs and giant dicks drawn on it, bro. Much better dick art than last time I played Rust, so I suppose that’s a small bonus.
    Wait a sec… You f_cking killed my horse too?!!! MR CLIP-CLOP WAS A PURE AND BEAUTIFUL BOI!!!! Ok, Eff dis, I’m friggin done. Ok, let’s try again in 12 months? Maybe the asshats will get sick off this by then…

    And yet the song remains the same.

    Now please pardon me while I go find something less painful to do, like hit myself in the dick with a hammer or something. Then bitch about how much I hate this game, while still watching Rust content on YT. I’ll carry on warning mates against playing it…at least til idiot me gets the urge to load it up yet again! Although I totally blame you this time around, Ruby! Yeah, it’s totally not loading up for me right now…

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