Xbox Is Getting A Nail Polish Line Because Why Not

Xbox Is Getting A Nail Polish Line Because Why Not
Image: Xbox / OPI / Kotaku Australia

Nothing surprises me in terms of unexpected gaming collaboration anymore.

Xbox has teamed up with one of the world’s biggest nail polish brands, OPI, to release a raft of gamer-themed nail polishes. The nail polish palette is set to launch this year, with Xbox “inviting everyone to play and express their creativity through nail art”.

According to a press release, the collection includes “12 hues that bring to life the virtual worlds of Xbox Game Pass titles and popular gaming phrases in GelColor, Infinite Shine, Nail Lacquer, and Powder Perfection formulas”.

For the uninitiated: GelColor is a thin gel polish that lasts up to three weeks and is set in stone by applying layers and using a special LED light in between each one. Infinite Shine lasts for about 11 days on average and has a mirror shine finish. It is a cheaper alternative to other polishes. Nail Lacquer is a fast-drying formula that lasts about a week. Power Perfection is a newer formula where you dip your nails into coloured acrylic powder multiple times, cure them with an activator, and finish with a topcoat. Hope this helps!

Honestly, the colours are pretty nice. But what’s that controller… Image: Xbox

The names are very goofy gamer-related terms that, while on the nose, are pretty harmless and fun:

Quest for Quartz: A shimmery rose quartz that will put you in the winner circle.

Pixel Dust: A shimmery mauve pink that will pixelate your world.

Racing for Pinks: A crème rose that will rev your engine.

Suzi is My Avatar: A creamy pink-nude that will give you virtual power.

Trading Paint: A crème apricot you’ll race to the finish for.

Heart and Con-soul: A shimmery crimson red that takes nails to the next level.

The Pass is Always Greener: Meet your matcha with this creamy pastel green.

Sage Simulation: Get lost in a shimmery sage green simulation.

You Had Me at Halo: A shimmery galactic blue that will give you sparkly stats.

Can’t CTRL Me: A shimmery robin’s egg blue that cannot be CTRL’d.

Achievement Unlocked: Unlock a world of colour that’s lilac optimized.

N00berry: Berry boost your nails with this deep crème purple.

Now, the nail polish is surprisingly not what caught my eye (though I am a big fan of having long bitchy nails that sound like a mechanical keyboard). As part of the collaboration, Xbox has shown off these three Xbox controllers in very aesthetically-pleasing colours.

I don’t just want them, I need them. Image: Xbox

But of course, like all good things, there’s a catch. The Xbox press release goes on to say, “Fans will have the chance to win custom Xbox Wireless Controllers in top trending hues — Achievement Unlocked, Racing for Pinks, and Can’t CTRL Me — a range of colours perfect for everyone.”

Rather than releasing the controllers in these colours, they will only be available to people to win via the OPI TikTok and Instagram page. Am I mad? Ruffled? Gutted? Of course not. I’m fine and I’m not mad. Do I wish that I could own them without having to enter a social media competition? Of course.


  • shit like this is why i am so stoked to own the new console from a company that’s provided me endless recreation & refuge.

    it is a *perfect* example of an enormous, money-generating console + tech manufacturer making a poor choice (i.e initial xbox one backlash) then going back to the drawing board for a LONG look at what they want to represent. I don’t love Microsoft, but man i think Xbox kicks ass dude.

    It’s 2022. Do something *fun* for your consumers. Try shit out. the normal, silent majority of gamers have loooong rejected the ‘sexy and cool e3’ or ‘girls dont play games’ attitude. Lets just enjoy shit together and connect over our love of the art made by all devs.

    ( sidenote: the social media manager over at Xbox has done wonders over the last couple years)

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