Ed Sheeran Is Performing In Pokemon Go For Some Reason

Ed Sheeran Is Performing In Pokemon Go For Some Reason
Image: Ed Sheeran / Niantic

In a new and strange glitch in the simulation that we call life, Ed Sheeran is doing an exclusive performance in Pokémon Go later this month.

It certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen musicians take to the gaming world. From Ariana Grande and Travis Scott performing in Fortnite to Lil Nas X performing in Roblox (and a special mention to the countless musicians making guest appearances in Habbo Hotel for some reason), you’re seeing online games host musical acts more frequently as time goes by. I wouldn’t be surprised if Faceb- I mean, Metajumps on the virtual concert bandwagon eventually.

Yet, in one of the most bizarre collaborations I’ve seen yet (I say ‘one of’ purely because of the Korn and Adventure Quest 3D collab that I still think about to this day), both Ed Sheeran and Pokémon Go decided to lose their virtual concert virginities with each other in these announcements.

Sheeran will reportedly be playing songs from his back catalogue as well as songs from his new album “=”. The event also marks the return of the much-loved Squirtle wearing sunglasses, as Squirtle is reportedly Sheeran’s favourite Pokémon. The collaboration also gives players access to an exclusive in-game avatar item featuring Sheeran’s latest album’s art, which can be redeemed with the code 4SQS6N359Y7NPCUW via Pokémon Go or the Niantic rewards page.

If you are a die-hard Ed Sheeran fan and want to get amongst the performance yourself, it’ll be available via the in-game News from Tuesday, November 23rd at 6:00AM AEDT. If you aren’t a fan, feel free to do literally anything else.


  • Does the Pokemon Corp want people to stop playing Pokemon Go for the day? Because this seems a fine way of making that happen.

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