Destiny 2’s Big Witch Queen PS4 Launch Hit An Unfortunate Snag

Destiny 2’s Big Witch Queen PS4 Launch Hit An Unfortunate Snag
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2’s long-awaited Witch Queen expansion is finally here and players are starting to dig in. Unless they’re on PS4. Thanks to a unique set of circumstances players on Sony’s last-gen console are currently waiting in line just to download a giant 72 GB update.

Long queue times when a new Destiny 2 expansion or season goes live are practically a ritual at this point. Players boot up the game after server maintenance is complete, click to log on, and then wait. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours before the majority of players are all able to re-enter the game. On PS4, however, players are having to wait in these queues today just to get the chance to start downloading all of the new content they need.

“Due to an unforeseen issue, PS4 Required Content is not yet available for download,” Bungie wrote on Twitter last night. Unlike players on PS5, Xbox, and PC, those on PS4 weren’t able to pre-load any of the roughly 72 GB update. Today after Witch Queen officially went live, they realised they still couldn’t download it until they were inside the game itself.

“UPDATE: PS4 players must log into the game to start the rest of their Witch Queen download,” Bungie revealed shortly after the 12:00 p.m. EST launch. Some players reported having downloads start in the background while they were still in queue, while a few seemed to have trouble getting it to start even after they got in.

Witch Queen will of course be just as good a few hours from now, though it’s always a bummer when people make plans to dip into the latest content only to be foiled by technical hijinks. 72 GB is also no small amount of data for players relying on WiFi or who live in a place with slower or metered internet connections.

“Sorry to my PS5 friends who will be waiting for me to get on so we can start the campaign,” wrote one PS4 player on the Destiny subreddit. “ I’ve tried to get hold of a PS5 I really have. On the plus side, if there are any server issues, hopefully they should be ironed out by the time we get on a couple of hours later.”

Sony announced last month that it was purchasing Bungie, so maybe it will have the PS4 situation sorted out by the time the Lightfall expansion hits sometime in 2023.

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