Burger Man Chips Are Back on Aussie Shelves, This Is Not a Drill

Burger Man Chips Are Back on Aussie Shelves, This Is Not a Drill

We are living in an age of nostalgia where everything we loved as children is suddenly new again. Cadbury Breakaway is back, Toobs are back, In a Biskit is back – it’s a golden era of snacks. Now I’m here to inform you that another classic snack can make its way back onto your shopping list. Burger Man, yes Burger Man, has made a comeback.

Burger Man is back in town

If you were a ’90s child you probably have fond memories of the puffy crispy stick-figure shaped chips known as Burger Man. The chips were flavoured with a tomato sauce kind of tang and had flavouring you could lick off your fingers.

They were tragically discontinued for a while there but now Snack Brands has mercifully returned them to us.

“We have been thrilled to see the excitement and anticipation by Australian fans over the last week about Burger Man returning. Today, we can confirm they will be back on shelves from Monday, ready for old and new fans to enjoy the Original Saucee flavour of Burger Man” said Mark Fryday, Marketing and Innovation Director at Snack Brands Australia.

The puffy fellas are back exclusively on Woolworths supermarket shelves as of Monday, February 28. 

They’re available in extra-large packs of 110g for just $3. Having just opened a bag of these guys myself I can confirm that the packet is not half full of air and there are plenty of burger men to share at your next party. If you’re willing to share, that is.

Now that we’re in the mood for reminiscing about our favourite childhood snacks I would politely like to request the return of the Paddle Pop Thickshake and Cheese In a Biskit.

What iconic Aussie snack do you want to see back on shelves? If we manifest it together maybe the snack gods will hear us.

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