This Week’s Best eBay PC Deals, Including 45% off on a Samsung 980 Pro SSD

This Week’s Best eBay PC Deals, Including 45% off on a Samsung 980 Pro SSD
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When it comes time to purchase a new laptop or accessory, it can be tough to navigate hundreds of deals in order to find the one that will give you the most bang for your buck. Over at eBay Australia, they have plenty of PC deals to explore, from gaming PCs to wireless mesh routers that will allow you to mix business with pleasure.

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Best laptop deals

MSI Bravo
Image: MSI

Equipped with an AMD Radeon RX550M GPU and a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 processor, the MSI Bravo is a fine gaming laptop for dominating the playing field.

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Best monitor deals

Image: Dell

If you ask us, curved monitors are the best choice you can make when it comes to picking a new monitor for your set-up. Whether it’s gaming-related or for work, there’s so many ways you can benefit from a curved monitor.

Take this Alienware 34-inch curved gaming monitor for instance. The curved design of the screen will provide you with a more immersive experience when streaming TV show with less eye strain.

This is especially important if you want a screen like this Alienware monitor that sports a vivid OLED display. Exposing your eyes to high brightness over extended periods of time can also induce more eye strain.

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Best keyboard deals

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Green Switch
Image: Razer

Are you looking for a fancy new mechanical gaming keyboard that will help you effortlessly take down your opponents? Razer is one of our top picks for PC gaming accessories and they won’t disappoint. All of the options below feature customisable backlit keys, clicky mechanical switches and a couple come with a built-in ergonomic wrist rest.

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Best mouse deals

Image: Razer

If you’re a PC gamer, you’ll know that the right mouse can give you a great advantage whilst gaming. With this Razer Orochi gaming mouse’s lightweight design, you’ll become adept at sliding across your desk with speed and precision while making split-second strategic decisions.

Its dual wireless connectivity will allow you to quickly launch straight into a new sesh with friends, while you won’t have to remember any pesky hotkeys on the fly anymore, thanks to its handy six programmable buttons.

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Best headset deals

Razer Nari wireless headset
Image: Razer

In need of a new wireless gaming headset? If longevity is your preference, you’ll be glad to hear the Razer Nari headset has a battery life that can last up to 16 hours. Of course, this gaming set also sports immersive, THX spatial audio and a super comfortable, cushiony fit. Just keep in mind it’s only compatible with PC or PlayStation consoles.

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Other PC accessory deals

Seagate external hard drive
Image: Seagate

Hard disk drives are the best way to store a wealth of movies, video footage, music and games on your PC. While they don’t enjoy a transfer speed as fast as an SSD, HDDs are a cheaper alternative that can offer more storage for a better price. Seagate, in particular, is one of the best brands when it comes to HDD storage since it has a reputation for being reliable and affordable.

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