PlayStation Plus Deluxe Vs Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

PlayStation Plus Deluxe Vs Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Image: NBC / Kotaku Australia

The new PlayStation Plus is now live in Australia, and we can confirm that the Japanese listing of games is accurate to what we will be able to access.

While the PlayStation website does have an exhaustive list of the games available on the service, you’ll probably see a whole lot of asterisks next to a whole lot of the games.

If you look at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see, “Availability of games vary by country/region. Please check the PlayStation Plus hub on your console to see the full list of titles available in your country/region.”

That’s right, a LOT of these games might not actually be available in your region, so the only way to see the actual list of games available is by checking the PlayStation Plus hub on your PlayStation console.

However, if you don’t have you console at the ready, never fear! Another option is using the PS App on your smartphone, which is a handier way to see the list. So that’s what I did!

Okay, how many games on PlayStation Plus Deluxe then?

In total, Australia has access to 355 games as part of the general Games Catalogue, and 85 games as part of the Classics Catalogue. If we add those bad boys together, that’s 440 games available in the Deluxe tier of PlayStation Plus.

To compare, the US Platinum tier gets “over 800 games“, according to ArsTechnica. Many of the omissions come from the fact that PlayStation 3 games are only available to stream, and Australia doesn’t have PlayStation game streaming yet.

All that being said, the Games Catalogue available to the Extra and Deluxe tier members is pretty huge! If you were expecting an extensive offering of old games, you might be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in catching up on a LOT of PlayStation 4 games and some PlayStation 5 games, it’s great!

Surprisingly enough, this actually… puts it more in line with Xbox Game Pass.

Wait a second, I thought you said…

While I previously stated that it’s simply a completely different type of service in that it’s more of a nostalgia simulator, the smaller offering of old PlayStation titles in comparison to the BEEG list of newer games has me reconsidering. It’s good to be able to admit when you’re wrong!

How would I compare the two then? They are… actually pretty much the same thing. They share a few offerings like Hollow Knight, Overcooked 2, and Slime Rancher, and then have their own exclusives from current and past eras.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has, according to the Xbox Website, 467 games currently on offer. As mentioned previously, PlayStation Plus Deluxe has 440 games currently on offer.

PlayStation has the Classics Catalogue, and Xbox has a selection of OG Xbox and Xbox 360 games as well as the selection from Rare Replay. It’s the same but different.

At the end of the day, the choice between PlayStation Plus Deluxe and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes down to exactly the same choice you would make when choosing the base console, like ‘what games are exclusive to each console?’ and ‘what console do I use more?’

I genuinely mean this in the nicest and most respectful way to both Microsoft and Sony when I say this:

PlayStation Plus Deluxe Vs Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Image: NBC


  • In some ways I dont see it as a competition, and thats what makes both of of them good. They arent trying to copy each other and if as a gamer you value X or Y you can choose that.

    Also this is PS first days into game pass, so I expect in time the offerings and decisions will become more refined.

  • Im happy to stick to my basic subscription for now but if Sony adds all those janky niche titles from the past that have vanished in to obscurity, then butter me up and call me Tina.

  • I’m probably not the target audience here (due to my gaming focus being on the best possible experience over things like brand loyalty), but, I’m finding the offer/price pretty meh to be honest. But thats because anything multiplat I’m playing on either PC or XSX because 90% of the time they run better, so the only thing I’m interested in are Sony exclusives, and since they don’t come into Plus on release like Gamepass, it kills the value for me (can buy at least one exclusive a year for the cost difference between the tiers, two if I wait until they are on sale).

    • Agreed! Multiplat to one side, just the overall online multiplayer experience on xb is better than PS.

      Anybody being legitimately objective cannot come to the conclusion ‘they are the same’ 🤣

  • Oh yeah, at the end of the day this is definitely just my opinion as somebody that doesn’t really play online multiplayer and likes a little something from both consoles!

    It’s hard to be entirely objective when comparing two services because there’s always gonna be natural bias, I just think there are a lot of similarities in terms of what they offer library-wise 😅

    • Bah, far more objective than using a comparison just to disparage one or the other.

      (Wouldn’t you have shanked us with a Switch if it was? Lol)

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