PlayStation Plus Subscriptions Are Going Up. Here’s What You’ll Pay In Australia

PlayStation Plus Subscriptions Are Going Up. Here’s What You’ll Pay In Australia

As you may have seen this morning, Sony is raising the price of its annual PlayStation Plus subscriptions — some by as much as $40. Unfortunately, the PlayStation Blog post announcing the changes does not include Australian pricing among its regional currencies. Not to worry though, we’ve now heard from PlayStation Australia about revised Australian pricing for all three tiers and here they are:

New Pricing For 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscriptions In Australia

PS Plus Essential

Old Yearly Price: $AU79.95

New Yearly Price: $AU95.95

PS Plus Extra

Old Yearly Price: $AU134.95

New Yearly Price: $AU169.95

PS Plus Deluxe

Old Yearly Price: $AU154.95

New Yearly Price: $AU196.95

These changes only affect the 12-month subscription tier. One and three-month subscriptions will remain as-is. The 12 month Essential tier sub rises around $20 per year, and the Deluxe Tier (which includes everything in the US Premium tier but the cloud streaming) is hardest hit with a $42 jump.

It is worth noting that even the increased price of the Deluxe tier is still cheaper than the competing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which clocks in at around $227 (and does not offer a discount on the annual sub). PlayStation has offered its annual subscriptions at a discounted rate compared to the flat monthly sub, and that continues under the new pricing arrangement. The monthly sub for the Deluxe tier is $21.95. Over 12 months, that’s around $263 per year. You’re still saving around $66 per year, though you were saving closer to $110 before the price hike.

So there you go, that’s what you’ll now be paying for 12-month PlayStation Plus subs in Australia. Casual reminder: you have until September 6 to grab a sub on the old pricing strata, and I’d recommend doing so if your sub is coming up for renewal.

Yes, it’s a price hike, but you are still technically saving a bit of cash if you subscribe annually. As always, it comes down to what you want to get out of the service. Cost of living is hurting all of us — budget your subs wisely!

In conclusion, please consider this piece my latest formal request to the team running the PlayStation Blog to include Australia when making pricing announcements.

Image: Kotaku Australia

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