Streamer Spends $10,000 On Diablo Immortal, Gets… Nothing

Streamer Spends $10,000 On Diablo Immortal, Gets… Nothing

How would you react if you spent $10,000 on loot boxes and didn’t get the one item you were actually after?

Quin69, real name Quintin Crawford, has recently been streaming Diablo Immortal for his audience. After embarking on a personal quest to obtain a single five-star Legendary Gem, Quin pumped NZ$10,000 into Diablo Immortal to see what it would take to secure one of the game’s rarest gems. It’s a great question, and an experiment worth running: how many five-star Legendary Gems should you expect to collect for $10,000 New Zealand dollars?

The answer is none. Not one.

Despite his sizeable contribution to Blizzard’s coffers, Quin didn’t get a single five star Legendary Gem for his trouble.

The video of Quin reacting to the situation has been doing the rounds on social media.

Last week, troubling reports about Diablo Immortal‘s aggressive monetisation model began to emerge. One of the bigger stories involved a projection that players wanting to upgrade a post-game character to their maximum possible level could expect to fork out $100,000 to get the job done. Quin’s personal investment would seem to confirm that the drop rate situation may actually be that grim.

As we spoke about yesterday, in Diablo Immortal, Legendary Gems are required to increase the power of max-level gear. They are used to bolster character stats beyond what they could earn through regular play. Legendary Gems are ranked in power from one to five stars. One-star gems are fairly common, while five-star gems are the rarest and most powerful. These gems can only be obtained by opening Legendary Crests, the game’s randomised, real-money loot boxes.

The $10,000 that Quin has spent on the game, the thinking goes, is roughly the equivalent of a full year of free-to-play progress. When the odds are stacked this heavily against the player, what hope do they have of pushing their character beyond the max level?

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