TPG Announces 10 Gigabit Fast Fibre, But Us Mere Mortals Won’t Be Getting It

TPG Announces 10 Gigabit Fast Fibre, But Us Mere Mortals Won’t Be Getting It

TPG Telecom has launched a new ridiculously fast internet service. TPG is promising 10 gigabit (10Gbps) speeds. But, it’s only for big business and the telco’s government customers. Boo.

In a statement on Monday, TPG Telecom described the new 10 Gigabit Fast Fibre offering as a “10Gbps Fast Fibre internet service for business and enterprise customers looking for the ultimate in ultrafast broadband connectivity”.

The telco reckons the new broadband service turbo-charges the speed of its existing service by a factor of ten.

While in theory that should pull down GTA 5 in about 60 seconds, Forza Horizon 5 in about 90, the service is targeted at the likes of banks and financial institutions that use high-speed data links for real-time fraud detection, universities that house online learning hubs and stream HD video, or broadcast services that stream a tonne of content.

The launch of TPG’s 10Gbps Fast Fibre introduces a 10 Gigabit per second internet service for $2,499 per month (ex-GST). It will be available to over 137,000 businesses in metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

To deliver 10Gbps capability across its network, TPG Telecom said it will deploy high-capacity hardware upgrades at major metro locations.

“This will allow businesses to exchange high volumes of data quickly and securely between premises, partners and clients,” the telco added.

The announcement follows TPG in May announcing that its fibre to the building (FTTB) customers would be able to get download speeds of up to 1000Mbps through its private network. At the same time, declaring it was the first Aussie telco to launch “G.Fast” technology, which is the reason for these superfast download speeds to FTTB addresses.


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