All-Australian Apex Legends Team Wins Global Series Championships

All-Australian Apex Legends Team Wins Global Series Championships

Three Australians freshly recruited by American esports team Dark Zero have won the Apex Legends Global Series. The win cements the trio’s position as one of the best Apex Legends squads in the world.

The team is made up of three Australian players, Zer0, Genburten, and Sharky. The trio, formerly at Japanese team Reignite, only formally joined Dark Zero last week. They’re such recent recruits that Dark Zero hasn’t even updated the team page on its site with their bios yet. After a win like this, surely, those changes will be along very quickly.

Obviously, the headline spoils the result, but I’m going to describe the events of the final round now. So if you’d like to go in knowing that they win, but remain unspoiled as to how, you can head over to Twitch using this link and hit the 5:33:00 timestamp to start the match.

Kotaku AU Spoiler Warning

Game 9 began on the Storm Point map, a map where 100 Thieves had proven dominant throughout the competition. Many of the biggest names in esports were represented among the teams competing: Cloud9, Fnatic, Team Liquid, NRG, and the aforementioned 100 Thieves to name a few. Dark Zero, like a few of the other big-name teams, could sew the series up with a match win here. However, the field was littered with hungry smaller teams looking to upset the competition, claw more points, and take things in a different direction.

Dark Zero played patience for the most part, as they had through every game in the competition. They bunkered down, moved to zone when they had to, and made strategic moves when pressed. As the camera hopped back and forth among the other teams, it didn’t find the Aussies until quite a bit later in the game. Patient plays don’t make for thrilling live entertainment, but they do win games. As the zone closes in on a small mining complex, DZ makes for a comfortable spot in a nearby treeline where they can keep watch and remain relatively out of sight. As fights kicked off among the other teams in the centre of the zone, the Aussies seized the opportunity to whittle down the competition from the middle distance.

Alliance made a valiant push, but it ultimately dissolved. Zeta Division crumbled directly after. Five teams remained, spread across the complex in a lazy star formation. The zone began to shrink again — toward the treeline.

“Dark Zero has the best spot,” said caster VikkiKitty, realising what was about to happen.

The decision to take the treeline positioned Dark Zero perfectly. Every team looking to engage another now had to cross their line of sight to do it. Spacestation is battered back into cover the moment they pop out. It isn’t an attack though: it’s a corral, and Spacestation had no idea. Forced back into the arena, Spacestation ran afoul of TSM, Optic and GMT at the same moment. When the smoke cleared, only Spacestation remained.

As Spacestation ran down the last TSM player, Dark Zero moved in. The charge was swift and brutal, crashing into Spacestation before they’d had time to reset. It’s over in the blink of an eye, and when it’s over, the boys from Oz are world champions.

You can watch the full broadcast of today’s eight Apex Legends Global Series games here. If you only want to see Dark Zero’s championship-winning match, jump to the 5:33:00 mark.

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