ScribbleTaku 2

ScribbleTaku 2
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Hello you goofy goobers, hope you’ve gotten up to all sorts of tricks and tomfoolery this week.

Last week was a ScribbleTaku Gone Sexual, as the game in question is all about getting freaky with some intergalactic babes. Oh, and there’s some other stuff to do with a story and whatever too. Shooting and stuff I guess. Who knows?

The game in question was Mass Effect 2, as it is the one where you have the most options to get with aliens. But also, Mass Effect, in general, would be an acceptable answer considering every game lets you fall in love with aliens.

ScribbleTaku 2
Thane… Hello. (Gif: Bioware)

The winner by speed was vidaeus for this round, with a special mention to djbear and stelae for getting the number just right. DJ would also be correct in saying that I, for one, welcome our future alien overlords. I’m chill like that.

So what’s this next game, then?


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