Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Opening Titles Still Somehow Rule As An N64 Game

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Opening Titles Still Somehow Rule As An N64 Game
Gif: SpinaSanctuary

Star Trek has had an up-and-down history with video games, sometimes managing to succeed in gaming genres it arguably shouldn’t, while never managing to quite succeed in the ones it should. There’s been plenty of great ones, but now a very cool little animation imagines one of its finest entries getting a ‘90s tie-in that never was.

Twitter user SpinaSanctuary’s hypothetical title screen for a mid-’90s Deep Space Nine game on the Nintendo 64 imagines a sideways glance where the platform that gave us Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire instead took a visit to the Gamma Quadrant for some licensed gaming goodness, essentially riffing on the opening moments of Deep Space Nine’s own title sequence, but in a gloriously polygonal retro style.

What could’ve Star Trek 64: Deep Space Nine even been? An adventure game aboard the station? A starship strategy game set during the Dominion War? A retail management sim dedicated to the Promenade á la Roller Coaster Tycoon or Theme Park World? A first-person shooter like Voyager got with the Elite Force games, that shouldn’t make sense, but totally does? Whatever it would’ve been, this cute little “demake” has me wishing we could’ve found out.


  • DS9 always was the underappreciated series, the dark horse of Trek. Thank god it’s found new life thanks to Netflix. It’s been consistently found to be one of the most streamed Trek series now apparently, with it’s series arcs found to be very streaming friendly (it’s true!) and Sisko really stands as one of the best series captains (if not THE best! Suck it Picard!)

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