Grinding Gear Announces Path Of Exile 2 Will Be Playable At ExileCon 2023

Grinding Gear Announces Path Of Exile 2 Will Be Playable At ExileCon 2023

New Zealand-based Path of Exile 2 developer Grinding Gear Games has announced the sequel will be playable at ExileCon, its annual fan event, in 2023.

In huge news for fans waiting for news of Path of Exile 2, the studio’s long in-development sequel will be playable on-site. Also playable at the show: Path of Exile Mobile. The studio will open up with new details on both titles, including when players can expect beta dates and more.

Here’s the kicker, though: ExileCon 2023 will be held in Auckland from July 29-30. Tickets go on sale in the next two weeks. That’s obviously a long way off for Path of Exile 2 fans hungry for what is perhaps the biggest ARPG this side of Diablo 4, but there is good news.

Fans will have quite a bit to tide them over until then. During a livestream this morning, the team unveiled its upcoming Path of Exile expansion, Lake of Kalandra. The expansion shines a light on popular character Kalandra, taking players to the mirrored lake that gave her powers of duplication.

Things reflected in the lake’s surface are made real, emerging from the surface to attack the player. Buildable mirrored tablets allow players to place reflections at various powerful fights in the game world. These reflections will find their way into the lake for players to tackle, allowing them to create a kind of custom-made loot gauntlet. The farther from the lake’s entrance players place an encounter, the harder it becomes. However, the rewards you stand to gain from beating it grow as well. You’ll be able to swap the contents of your mirrored tablets around as well, letting you craft an ever-more perfect run.

It’s like an ARPG loot grinder’s dream come to life. Build your own endless boss mode, nudge it around until it’s statistically perfect for the drops you’re chasing, and then carve through it. Inventive stuff.

I’ve been going through all the news from this morning’s stream since I logged onto Slack at 7 am. I could map out all the new content Grinding Gear unveiled today, but this piece would be 2000 words long. There’s just so much to go through. It’s really impressive what Grinding Gear appears to have created with this expansion — the total tonnage of it is astounding.

And, thankfully, with this much to keep players occupied, the year to ExileCon 2023 and Path of Exile 2 should pass by in an instant.

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