Tell Him He’s Dreamin’: Michael Caton Will Lend His Voice To Local Indie Game

Tell Him He’s Dreamin’: Michael Caton Will Lend His Voice To Local Indie Game
Image: Wayward Strand, Ghost Pattern

Legendary Australian actor Michael Caton will join the cast of Wayward Strand.

Developed by Melbourne studio Ghost Pattern, Wayward Strand is “an interactive story told in a curious way.” It follows teenage journalist Casey Beaumaris on her first visit to an airborne hospital. Then, in the manner of a point-and-click adventure, Casey pokes into the corners of the airship, getting to know its inhabitants and unravelling its secrets. If the title is familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen us write about Wayward Strand before: Ruby is very excited to play it.

Across the day today, the official Wayward Strand social media accounts have been slowly unveiling the game’s voice cast. The latest reveal was one few saw coming: the great Michael Caton (The CastleThe Sullivans, Packed to the Rafters) is joining the cast as a be-robed and “loquacious” character named Neil Avery.

Though Caton starred in over 700 episodes of the Australian period drama The Sullivans, it was his role as Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle that made him a legend. Twenty-five years after its release, lines like “How’s the serenity?” and “Tell him he’s dreamin'”, immortalised by Caton’s delivery, are a part of the national lexicon. And now, he brings his formidable talent to the video game space. You can hear a little clip of Caton in Wayward Strand via the embedded tweet above.

Wayward Strand launches on September 15, 2022, for PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.


  • Can I also mention David Michael Caton was not only the star of the 90s Aussie film The Castle he also starred in The Animal as a groundbreaking scientist who puts animal parts in Rob Schneider’s body after a tragic accident I should also mention that Michael Caton was also in other Aussie films like RAMS and The Last Cab to Darwin.
    Now I’m sure Ruby will love the Aussie indie game Wayward Strand made by Melbourne based indie game studio Ghost Pattern.
    But not me though I’m not really interested in Wayward Strand.

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