Portal With RTX Makes 15-Year-Old Game Look Bonkers

Portal With RTX Makes 15-Year-Old Game Look Bonkers

In my personal opinion, there is no such thing as too many times when it comes to replaying Portal. Especially when NVIDIA and Valve decide to come together and make it look so delicious.

As part of the company’s three-day GTC 2022 event, NVIDIA announced a bunch of things, including their new, eye-wateringly expensive graphics cards. Hey guys, remember when PC gaming made the most sense financially?

One extra announcement came in the form of a trailer for Portal, a Valve game that came out 15 years ago. However, this was a different flavour of Portal, as it has taken the 2007 title and made it look shiny and new with their modding platform NVIDIA RTX Remix. Enter Portal with RTX.

Wawaweewa, would ya look at that! Doesn’t it look juicy? NVIDIA’s own report explains that through NVIDIA RTX Remix, they have reimagined the classic with full ray tracing and new art to bring the title to the modern era.

You can check out a whole lot of comparison pictures in NVIDIA’s announcement, which really shows just how bonkers Portal with RTX is compared to the original game. NVIDIA has also announced that it will be released as a free DLC, downloadable for anybody who owns a copy of the game on Steam. So, basically everybody.

At this current moment in time, it looks like it’ll only be available for PC, with the listed system requirements on the DLC’s Steam page directly referencing Windows operating systems.

Considering the original Portal can basically run on a baby monitor at this point, there’s not a chance in hell that Portal with RTX will be able to run on the Nintendo Switch.

I like seeing a graphics upgrade just as much as the next person, especially when it’s one of my favourite games in the whole wide world. I just hope it can look this good without having to drop a million bajillion dollars.

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