Here’s Another Peek At What Portal Looks Like With RTX On

Here’s Another Peek At What Portal Looks Like With RTX On

If you’ve been curious about how Portal looks when running on Nvidia’s RTX hardware.

We’ve known about Portal with RTX for a while now, and most can probably figure out what the game will look like when running. Now, we have a quick little look at it in motion.

I’m astonishingly easy to please with this kind of stuff. The way the light bounced through the orange portal? Tight. Love it. Do it again.

Nvidia includes a side-by-side comparison showing the game running with ray tracing and its DLSS feature turned off, and a version with its new DLSS 3 mode on. The version without DLSS stutters at around 20 frames, while the version with DLSS 3 runs upwards of 90fps. Obviously, depending on the kind of hardware your PC possesses, your mileage will vary.

For the uninitiated, DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. In incredibly simplistic terms, this is a fancy way of saying ‘AI fills in the blanks while you’re playing’. Essentially, DLSS uses a deep learning AI to create additional frames within your game while you play. As Nvidia describes it, DLSS “samples multiple lower resolution images and uses motion data and feedback from prior frames to reconstruct native quality images.” It performs this technological magic trick in a bid to reduce the overall load on your graphics card, which is part of how Portal with RTX is able to get to those sky-high frame rates while running something as labour-intensive as ray tracing.

Portal with RTX launches next week, December 8. If you already own a copy of Portal on Steam, your copy will be automatically updated for free.

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