Rick And Morty Gave Sydney Worms And I Went To Investigate

Rick And Morty Gave Sydney Worms And I Went To Investigate

Whose worm is this? Can somebody come and pick up their worm, please?

Just joking. It’s not any normal person’s worm. This worm right here is a part of Rick & Morty‘s #WORMAGEDDON. What’s #WORMAGEDDON, you ask? Well, if you’re a fan of the sci-fi comedy series Rick & Morty, this worm might be of interest to you.

Basically what has been happening is this:

To celebrate the global premiere of Rick & Morty‘s sixth season on September 5th on Netflix, a whole bunch of freakin’ yuge displays have been going up all around the world. This is all part of an immersive experience for Rick & Morty fans, as fans are invited to find all 14 different displays around the world that ultimately make up what they call a “living episode”.

Season 5 of Rick & Morty ended in chaos, so what better way to start a new season than with more chaos? With giant worms, even? Small worms are not scary, in fact, they are quite helpful if you are looking to grow a successful garden. Unfortunately, the Rick & Morty worms are not made for working with compost, and instead are horrible creatures made for destruction.

So far, 11 displays have been found in an array of different countries, including the US, Mexico, South Africa, England, The Netherlands, and now… Australia! Here! On our very own soil!

That’s right, there’s one here in Sydney, Australia. I know this because I was there. I saw the worm being fought by Bird Person and Buff Squanchy, and I took the picture above of the worm. I got there, I ate a pickle on a stick that was thankfully not a real pickle, and drank a mocktail while looking at the worm. I also smuggled away a couple of those Rick & Morty Maxibons, which are not actually pickle-flavoured. Please see below.

Me and the worm. (Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia)

My investigation concluded with this simple fact: Yes, there is a worm in Sydney. A Rick & Morty worm, to be specific. Sydney’s ass is itchy, and it’s because there’s worms there (sorry). While I personally recommend that the titular protagonists of the series simply hand out some Combantrin Deworming Chocolate Squares to fix it all up, brute force is also an option.

If you’d like to look at the worm for yourself and take pictures with it like I did to show it to you, you can head down to Sydney’s beautiful Botanic Gardens and get a great view of the worm. Oh, and the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are there too, I guess. They’re great and all, but they don’t have a worm.

Rick & Morty season 6 will be released on September 5th worldwide on Netflix.

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