Don’t Look, But The Steam Scream Fest Sale Is Right Behind You

Don’t Look, But The Steam Scream Fest Sale Is Right Behind You

We’ve been covering all sorts of Halloween scary games on different consoles, but won’t somebody please think of the PC gamers in this spooky season?

Of course, like always, Steam has you covered as they’ve just kicked off their Steam Scream Fest sale, a time for the celebration of scary games. They’ve put a whole bunch of their most terrifying games on sale for Halloweiners, so why don’t we take a look at what’s on display?

In the words of my thrifty-queen idol Fran Fine from The Nanny, it’s not really a sale unless it’s 50% off. In that case, I’ll be including plenty of great games that are less than such (and still pretty cheap) but will also be highlighting the titles that have a hefty sum taken off of them so you know where the big bargains are.

Let’s see just a bit of what the Steam Scream Fest sale has to offer!

Note: All prices are in Australian dollars, follow the links to see what the prices are in your country.

Quite the list, huh? Wow!

My personal recommendations vary between Actually Scary and Spooky Adjacent, but I’d say if you were looking for a time to get into the Resident Evil remakes, the time is now.

On top of that, I highly recommend checking out Darkest Dungeon, The Mortuary Assistant, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Hollow Knight, Have a Nice Death, Cult of the Lamb, Death and Taxes, Witch It, OMORI, Alice: Madness Returns, Lost Ruins, and The Outbound Ghost. Those are the ones that I think are great, all in their own way.

You better get in soon though, as the sale ends on November 1st. Happy Halloween!

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