I’d Give Any Vital Organ For The Nintendo Switch To Get More Themes

I’d Give Any Vital Organ For The Nintendo Switch To Get More Themes

Remember how the New Nintendo 3DS had a whole bunch of themes?

Something I really loved about the New Nintendo 3DS back in the day, especially the original one with faceplates, was just how darn customisable it was. Not just the faceplates, but all of the 3DS, 3DSXL, 2DS, and 2DSXL consoles had themes after 2014. Nice little wallpapers for the background of your starting menu that were sometimes also accompanied by custom music. It rocked.

Yes!!! Fuck yes!!! (Image: Nintendo)

This has been something that’s existed on other platforms for quite a while now, most notably with newer PlayStation consoles. I’ve had the Undertale Ruins theme on my PlayStation 4 account for years now and while I love it, it also makes me incredibly emotional every time I turn the console on. It’s special to me.

I loved adding new themes to my Nintendo 3DS, and I especially loved getting a faceplate and matching my theme to it, like with the Animal Crossing ones. I don’t know man, something just tickled my brain when I did it.

So I had this thought today, as I often do. Why doesn’t the Nintendo Switch have themes? It’s been five years since the Nintendo Switch was released, and it’s had all sorts of updates since then. However, the only themes available officially through the console are… black and white.

Hmmm. No. (Image: Nintendo)

Is there not something a little bit sad about this? Where’s the fun? Where’s the colour? Where’s the creativity?

Sure, the original 3DS that launched in 2011 didn’t have themes. This much is true. But three years later, themes came with the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS and 3DSXL, and over time there were so many of them. Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch 5 years ago, we’ve had a new model and an OLED model but no freakin’ themes! It’s a bummer!

Of course, there are ways that you can get themes on your Nintendo Switch consoles that also involve jailbreaking the darn thing, but to my knowledge jailbreaking is only able to be done on the first generation of Nintendo Switch consoles. Also, it completely voids your warranty so there’s a big risk there if anything goes wrong.

I’ve gotten in touch with a Nintendo rep and they’ve let me know that currently, the themes available are black and white and users are able to customise their icons through the redemption of Platinum points.

It seems like Nintendo went as far as making Joy-Cons that were different colours and thought, “Yeah, that’s fine. That’s all the customisation people need.” The thing is, you’d think there would be more than two themes available for the console by now. But hey, that’s just me.

All that being said, there’s still time. Themes for the Nintendo 3DS didn’t come out until 3 years after its launch, so there’s still a chance that the Switch will get them. Fingers crossed.

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