In The End By Linkin Park, Played On Trombone Champ

In The End By Linkin Park, Played On Trombone Champ

When Trombone Champ came out with its pre-filled song list, I knew for sure that modders would go absolutely bonkers making sure only the choicest of tracks would be included. That’s exactly what’s happening here thanks to DerpyChap.

DerpyChap is a developer, moderator, video editor, and shitposter according to their website. You might’ve seen them in the news recently, as they made the incredible decision to mod Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce (one of Guitar Hero‘s hardest songs) into Trombone Champ.

However, that is news of the past. I’m here as a trombone appreciator, a Trombone Champ enjoyer, a nu-metal lover, and a shitposting respecter.

DerpyChap has gone ahead and modded the Linkin Park classic In The End into Trombone Champ, mapping themselves to fit the trombone player into the 12-year-old Garry’s Mod version of the In The End music video made by YouTuber Ray Koefoed to really sweeten the whole deal. Please watch.

Have you watched it? Good. How does it make you feel? If the answer isn’t ‘incredible’, maybe consider watching it again.

While Trombone Champ understandably only includes original tracks and public domain tracks in its base version in order to avoid licensing issues, it’s awesome to see a modding community growing around the game in order to make it so much sillier. Especially when it includes horn-based Linkin Park.

I truly believe in my heart that this game deserves to be considered for Game of the Year. It is a perfect game, there are no flaws. I hope as time goes on, we see more and more tracks get added to the game so that everybody continues to toot, and that they continue to sound just as silly as In The End.

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