McDonalds’ Overwatch 2 Meal Gets You A Purple-Tier Tracer Skin From 2018

McDonalds’ Overwatch 2 Meal Gets You A Purple-Tier Tracer Skin From 2018

After teasing a crossover with the recently released Overwatch 2 last week, McDonalds Australia has unveiled its official Overwatch 2 meal.

Well, three meals, actually, all straight off the standard combo board. You can pick from a Big Mac Meal, McChicken Meal, or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets Meal and that counts as the Overwatch 2 meal.

But, for the rise-and-grind gamers, the meal is but a pleasant bonus to the main attraction — there is a special Lightning Tracer skin you can get when you order.

Here it is:

Screenshot: Kotaku Australia

If you’re a long-time Overwatch fan, you’re probably saying to yourself, I’ve seen that skin before. That’s because you have. You might already have it in your collection. It’s an old Tracer skin from the 2018 Anniversary event, one you could buy with gold as recently as two weeks ago.

But if you don’t have the skin, and you’d like to throw it on the pile, you can’t just wander into your local Maccas for a code. You’ll have to order your meal through the MyMaccas app, and apparently the number of codes is limited. Once you order, you’ll get an email within 48 hours containing a code you can redeem to get the skin.

There are more details on the McDonald’s Australia website if you absolutely have to have the skin.

Here’s my gripe though. It’s not that it’s an old skin that truly bugs me — it’s that it’s just an Epic tier skin. They’re giving away a damn purple-tier. You couldn’t spring for a Legendary skin, Maccas? C’mon. A Big Mac combo? In this economy? At least throw me a gold-tier skin.

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