Maccas Is Doing Something With Overwatch 2 This Week

Maccas Is Doing Something With Overwatch 2 This Week

Because it seems we haven’t written enough about McDonalds in the last week, a new wrinkle: apparently, Maccas in Australia has struck a deal with Blizzard on promotion for Overwatch 2.

The first tease arrived on social media earlier today.

What is it, though? A special burger? A regular Maccas combo in an Overwatch 2 branded container? Are they finally taking the plunge and turning the Happy Meal into a loot box? Who knows. It’s the day after PAX Aus and, if they put it in front of me right now, in a moment of weakness, I’d probably eat it.

Place your bets in the comments below: is it just going to be a pulled pork Roadhog burger, or something more interesting? Let’s discuss.

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