Overwatch 2 Chat Bug Is Randomly Buying Skins From The Shop

Overwatch 2 Chat Bug Is Randomly Buying Skins From The Shop

Though Overwatch 2’s wait times have seemingly improved after maintenance on the game’s servers last night, you still might want to wait a bit if you’re looking for an entirely bug-free experience — especially if you don’t like bugs that might be spending premium currency on hero skins without your consent while using the in-game chat.

Though it’s not clear how common the issue is, it seems to have been hitting users since launch, if not earlier. The underlying issue appears to be that, while using the chat in a menu, the game keystrokes are still registered by the other menu options, meaning you could navigate your way to the store and end up buying a skin while you’re text chatting with friends. Posts about this on the game’s Bug Report forum go back to May, calling attention to it during the beta. Other posts have gone up since the game’s official release, and a rising post on Reddit is seeing others chime in with tales of their accounts also inadvertently buying premium hero skins.

Approaching 1,000 upvotes on Reddit, user Dracyoshi’s post lays out the issue directly. “I was chatting with some friends while browsing the hero gallery when the game unexpectedly began unlocking Junker Queen’s Plutonium skin,” they said. They go on to speculate that text typed into the chat is “occasionally misinterpreted by the game [as] an input for navigating the menu.”

Though they followed up with Blizzard support on the issue, there’s no indication that refunds or changes are on the way. Dracyoshi told Kotaku that, since posting, Blizzard still hasn’t resolved the issue and maintains that it won’t issue refunds for purchases made with in-game currency as far as this case is concerned.

Scrolling through the thread on Dracyoshi’s post reveals other players echoing the same issue. “My friend was a victim of this bug,” reads one comment, “accidentally purchased Kirkos legendary for 1900 credits while trying to chat.” “Oh my god this happened to me twice,” reads another, “I thought I was going crazy.”

For now, it seems like best practice is to follow Dracyoshi’s advice and not “use the in-game chat while in the hero gallery until it’s fixed.”

Kotaku has reached out to Blizzard for comment.



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