Overwatch 2 Players, I’d Like To Talk To You About The Book Of Jeff

Overwatch 2 Players, I’d Like To Talk To You About The Book Of Jeff

Overwatch 2 players, let’s talk. I know things are rough right now. I know getting used to 5v5 is hard. I know that Genji and Sombra are super powerful right now. I know the Battle Pass just isn’t it. I know the queue times are blowing out because nobody wants to play support.

I know the decision to prioritise DPS isn’t paying the dividends Blizzard was hoping for.

I know this isn’t what anybody wanted for Overwatch.

But there is hope. There is salvation. I’d like to talk to you about The Book Of Jeff.

You see, over the last week, I’ve seen the light. I found a way to enjoy Overwatch 2, and maybe it will help you too. I joined a 5-stack party after PAX last week. In this party, our illustrious former editor Alex Walker, Smart Company senior tech reporter Tegan Jones, Reviews Australia writer Fergus Halliday and GamePlus community manager Liv Harris. We joined open queue and made a promise: we would not make any DPS picks. For the whole night, we would rebuke the game’s desires, only playing tanks and supports.

And we couldn’t stop winning. In a beautiful throwback to the original Overwatch‘s middle era, we ran three tanks and two supports all night. The long-forgotten Triple Tank meta was back, and as powerful as ever.

It was as the game’s original director Jeff Kaplan intended.

No matter how strong the DPS was in any given match, they were as nothing before the power of three tanks being turbo pocketed by a couple of healers. We worked as a unit, making strategic picks and trying different combos. If we hit a wall or got stuck at a choke, we changed up our comp and tried again.

As Jeff intended.

But mostly, crucially, we had a great time. For just a little while, it was like having the old Overwatch back, a version of the game where good comms and team composition mattered. We even ran into another team doing the exact same thing and respectful courtesies were exchanged in chat. “I see you are a team of impeccable taste as well.” We were having fun with it again. We were making friends!

As Jeff intended.

All this AND fucking 2CP is gone? Miraculous. We commit ourselves now to The Book of Jeff.

And so I offer the Book of Jeff to you, weary Overwatch 2 player. By committing yourself to his teachings, you too can learn to love Overwatch 2 — by ignoring everything the game is trying to do, playing Open Queue, and making up your own rules.

In Kaplan’s name, be blessed. Forever and ever, Jamen.

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