The Best Way To Play The New Pokemon Is On A 2″ LCD Screen

The Best Way To Play The New Pokemon Is On A 2″ LCD Screen

I’m sure we’ve all seen the glitches happening in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for the Nintendo Switch by now, as well as a few fixes here and there for certain bugs prevalent in the game.

If you’ve been lucky enough to not face any performance issues, I am very happy for you! If you have run into some problems though, this guy might have the key to making Pokémon Scarlet and Violet look perfect.

YourOldPalJosh is a TikToker, Twitch streamer, and screen printer with a penchant for nostalgic content. In his most recent TikTok, he’s provided Pokemon fans with a simple way to veto any graphic glitches in the game.

@youroldpaljosh In fact, if you play any game this way, you won’t be able to see any graphics issues! 👍🏼 #pokemon #nintendo #videogames #retro #nostalgia #foryou ♬ Mario 64 – Dire Dire Docks – Devin Taylor

Josh has taken a surge protector, a docked Nintendo Switch, a copy of Pokémon Scarlet, an HDMI downscaler, and a 2.2″ LCD Pocket TV from RCA, in order to provide the visual fix that Pokémon fans crave.

Sure, the screen is chode-sized, but I think I actually like it a lot. Is that the nostalgia talking, or am I simply desperate to play this game in a way that isn’t a bit janky?

It’s no surprise that this TikTok’s comments are filled to the brim with saying that they prefer it this way as well. Maybe Pokémon games simply aren’t made for the big screen. Maybe an LCD Choder really is the perfect way to play.

I’ve thought long and hard about it and while I do still think that the Nintendo Switch is due for a hardware upgrade, I have to agree with what other people have been saying about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet after looking at other newer games running fine on Switch: the game is not well optimised.

On the other hand, there have been plenty of Pokémon fans who are very happy with the new game, and it’s proven to be the most successful game in terms of preorders out of the entirety of the series, so maybe it’ll all be fine!

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