Please, For The Love Of God, Someone Just Let Henry Cavill Talk About Warhammer

Please, For The Love Of God, Someone Just Let Henry Cavill Talk About Warhammer

It’s been a very busy time for Henry Cavill lately, what with his formal return to the role of Superman and his shock exit from The Witcher, and even throwing a reprisal as London’s second greatest detective in the Enola Holmes sequel. But he is concerned not with these things. He just wants to talk miniatures.

Such is the man’s plight made so powerfully clear in the press tour for the aforementioned Enola Holmes 2. Asked by Nerdist what army in the world of Warhammer 40,000 a cerebral strategist like Sherlock Holmes would play, Cavill believes, for a moment, he is about to enter his joyful element:

The excitement as he hears it. The pause as he considers. The look to camera as he ponders if the Leagues of Votann — a recently released faction of mining space dwarves, born from the ashes of some of Warhammer’s oldest history — are the right choice. And then, the disappointment when he realises that his interviewer has no idea how to respond to his own probing. But Cavill rallies, before arriving at a most logical conclusion: Sherlock would play his own army, the Adeptus Custodes, as he then tries to explain — holding back any complexity now he knows he might as well be about to speak gobbledegook — how the low-model-count, high-reward faction would speak to Sherlock’s eye for detail and precision control of a situation.

But the hunger for more nerdy talk lingers. “I’ll be very interested to hear what your co-worker has to say about that answer,” Cavill says with a smile, before asking “… are they behind the screen or anything?”

Alas, Henry Cavill probably shouldn’t hijack the Enola Holmes press tour just to talk about his hobbies. However, the desire is clearly there! Clearly, the entertainment industry needs to be prepared. Nobody ask about Superman, or why he’s leaving The Witcher. Next time a microphone’s in front of Henry Cavill, let him wax lyrical about the state of the meta after the Harlequins rebalance, whether or not he thinks the new Lord Solar model looks too much like an Age of Sigmar mini, or if he’s had a chance to weigh in on the Votann’s core Eye of Judgement rule being nerfed to no longer count as automatic 6’s. He will understand! He will talk! And we will all get to enjoy Henry Cavill being a big ol’ nerd. That’s a win-win situation.


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