Let’s All Rate Henry Cavill’s Warhammer 40K Paint Job

Let’s All Rate Henry Cavill’s Warhammer 40K Paint Job
Image: Henry Cavill on Instagram

It’s known that we’re big fans of Henry Cavill’s Warhammer 40K obsession around here.

Here’s a guy pouring his hard-earned Hollywood Superman money into one of the most beloved wargames of all time. I simply have to respect it. Any further questions I might have had about the man’s real-world personality were dismissed when he revealed he plays Adeptus Custodes. Only legends play Custodes. Tell me you’ve met a Custodes player that was also a dick. You can’t, because they don’t exist.

Having done his research, learned the game rules, chosen an army to play, and bought his first set of minis, Cavill is now into the building and painting stage of the hobby. Like many newcomers, Cavill is learning the basics of painting as he goes and from all the same places everyone else does — YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok has a thriving Warhammer advice community now. Cavill took to his Instagram overnight to show off his first fully painted mini.


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Like a lot of first-time hobby painters, Cavill is deferential about his ability. ‘I have gone through so many different test models, and tried my hand at numerous paints and techniques, before finally feeling like I was heading in a direction that I’ve liked,’ he writes. ‘It’s not amazing by any means, and the camera hides a multitude of sins, but this is a little work in progress of mine. I have a lot to improve upon.’

He goes on to add that yes, he will be giving this unit an Adrasite Spear ‘because rule of cool.’

And so I turn it over to you, Kotaku Australia community. How do we feel about this one? Do we like the colour scheme? Can you detect any of the mini’s “multitude of sins”? What advice would you give first-time painters like Cavill? Let’s discuss.


  • He’s doing very well. The jewels are highlighted extremely well, the gold is carrying a lovely burnished quality to it. The hair has a simple highlighted tone to it. If he’s a first time painter, or at least amateur, then he’s doing a great job. As someone who’s going on what… 25 or so years of painting now? I’ve moved on from GW figures a long time ago and onto Zombicide figures which lack a lot of detail, and I’m basically painting bulk now instead of detail oriented, I really admire what he’s done here for a beginner 🙂 It’s always encouraging seeing people pick up painting figures as a hobby! Great work.

    • Hey Smurf, any other mini brands etc you recommend? I’m looking for high quality but a bit larger than 40k/AoS models – I’ve loved painting those but my crappy eyesight ruined by years of office work is making smaller models harder these days.

      Do you have painting photos online? Would love to see!

      Henry is just a dessert legend. Love that guy.

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