The Top Trending Topics In Australia, According To Reddit

The Top Trending Topics In Australia, According To Reddit

We’ve looked at the top trends across Google and TikTok this year, but what about the corner of the internet that is Reddit? Reddit’s annual recap report has been released and it sheds some light on the trending topics and communities that received the most engagement in 2022.

According to the report, Reddit posts went up by 14% year on year, bringing it to 430 million posts. Comments also increased to hit 2.5 billion. That really puts the Lifehacker comments section to shame.

So what was everyone talking about?

The top trending topics and communities on Reddit in 2022

The most-viewed communities in Australia on Reddit this year included some classics, with the top spot going to the Am I the asshole? thread. Finance, news and city talk also made the list.

  1. r/amitheasshole
  2. r/australia
  3. r/askreddit
  4. r/worldnews
  5. r/ausfinance
  6. r/melbourne
  7. r/nba
  8. r/sydney
  9. r/antiwork
  10. r/bestofredditorupdates

The list of most engaged communities in Australia, that being the communities with the most posts and comments submitted, shared some similarities with the top 10.

  1. r/askreddit
  2. r/australia
  3. r/melbourne
  4. r/nrl
  5. r/afl

As for the most upvoted AMAs in Australia, we learned a lot from Nicolas Cage and the Greens leader Adam Bandt:

  1. r/movies: Hello, I’m Nicolas Cage and Welcome to Ask Me Anything (7.7k upvotes)
  2. r/brisbane: Today marks six years since my first day with Transport for Brisbane, then Brisbane Transport, and about a year since I got a haircut. (AMA?) (2.3k upvotes)
  3. r/australianpolitics: I’m Adam Bandt, Leader of the Australian Greens. AMA about our election platform and our plan to kick out the Libs on May 21! (1.8k upvotes)

Reddit is a home for many things including movies, music, sport, food and more, so what else was trending this year?

Top Movie and TV-related subreddits

  1. r/marvelstudios
  2. r/starwars
  3. r/kuwtk

Top Fashion subreddits (men)

  1. r/askmen
  2. r/fitness
  3. r/sneakers

Top Fashion subreddits (women)

  1. r/skincareaddiction
  2. r/lululemon
  3. r/repladies

Top Food posts on Reddit

  1. r/foodporn: Lavendar ice cream at Australia’s largest lavender farm
  2. r/foodporn: [Homemade] I’m 15 and tried to make tonkatsu ramen
  3. r/stupidfood: And a whiff of BBQ sauce

Top Animal subreddits

  1. r/aww
  2. r/cats
  3. r/funnyanimals

Check out what else was trending on Reddit in 2022 in the full report.

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