Ultrakill Has Buttplug Support Now, If That’s Of Any Interest To You

Ultrakill Has Buttplug Support Now, If That’s Of Any Interest To You

The days of your asshole being of no use while playing Ultrakill are over, as the retro shooter now supports the use of an open-source vibrating buttplug during gameplay.

Nostalgia-core FPS Ultrakill, a fast-paced ultraviolent shooter that was released into early access in 2020, has announced over on Twitter that the “”Sex Update”” is “finally here”, further elaborating that the official “UKButt” mod with Buttplug.io (a website that is very much blocked in our office) compatibility is now live.

The official mod, made by Buttplug.io lead Kyle “qDot” Machulis and Ultrakill programmer PITR, originates from a joke request by YouTube game review ShammyTV, who hypothesized in a DM the idea of syncing up a sex toy to Ultrakill.

The Buttplug.io Twitter took it seriously, replied, and the rest is history.

According to PCGamer, the way that the UKButt mod works is purely for… vibrational purposes. Once the Ultrakill mod is installed and a compatible vibrator is at the ready, UKButt can be used to “trigger vibrations in the user’s device of choice based on what’s happening in Ultrakill“.

The community response to the news has been understandably mixed, with some people thinking it’s a godsend, some people thinking it’s hilarious, and some people thinking it’s despicable. But really, at the end of the day, is it any worse than smacking your meat around to Overwatch porn? It’s all the same.

All I can say is as long as you aren’t hurting anybody or yourself, do what makes you happy. If that involves playing a game while your body emits a sound akin to a phone on silent mode, go off I guess!

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