Here’s How To Get Cuff To Stop Talking To You In Forspoken

Here’s How To Get Cuff To Stop Talking To You In Forspoken

So, you’re playing Forspoken, and the incidental dialogue between Cuff and Frey is annoying the hell out of you. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Based on the comments flying around online, there are a great many people annoyed by the interstitial banter between Frey and her wrist-borne companion.

The good news is, you don’t actually have to listen to them. Well, not all the time anyway. Here’s how to keep Frey and Cuff’s quipping from driving you batty on your Forspoken playthrough.

Tell Cuff To Shut Up

The key to getting Cuff to clam up for a bit is hidden in Forspoken‘s accessibility menu.

You’ll need to go into the game’s Settings menu, and over to the Accessibility Settings tab. From there, you’ll want to scroll down to the Cuff Settings section. This section allows you to alter a lot the ways Cuff interacts with the world, but the option you’re looking for is the Cuff Chat Frequency slider. Moving the bar all the way down to Minimal will restrict the frequency of Cuff and Frey’s banter to phrases that directly relate to story progression.

Your options on this slider are Minimal, Low, Default, or High. You can set it to whatever frequency you like, but know if you set it to High, you are a sicko and we will be judging you.

Forspoken is out now for the PlayStation 5 and Windows PC. You can read our ongoing review coverage here.

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