Bethesda Just Dropped The Entire Hi-Fi Rush OST On YouTube

Bethesda Just Dropped The Entire Hi-Fi Rush OST On YouTube

Shadow hit Hi-Fi Rush has some absolute bangers in it, like Lonely Boy by The Black Keys and The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails. However, Hi-Fi Rush also has an absolutely stellar OST, and now it’s been randomly dropped on YouTube in its entirety.

It only makes sense that after randomly releasing Hi-Fi Rush out of nowhere that Bethesda would ultimately decide to shadow drop the OST as well, right? In a way, it’s kind of genius. But yes, the official Bethesda Twitter account announced this morning that one could listen to the entire OST for Hi-Fi Rush on YouTube, if they so wish.

The Hi-Fi Rush OST consists of 66 original tracks composed by Shuichi Kobori, Reo Uratani, and Masatoshi Yanagi. Kobori and Yanagi have previously composed for other Tango Gameworks titles such as The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo, while Uratani previous composition work includes Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, and most recently Meg’s Monster, which I literally just wrote about!

Here’s the tracklist in full:

  1. The Beacon (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  2. The Pulse – Shuichi Kobori
  3. The Rush – Shuichi Kobori
  4. I Got This – Shuichi Kobori & John Johanas
  5. Welcome to QA – Shuichi Kobori & Masatoshi Yanagi
  6. Too Big To Fail (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  7. So This is Where the Magic Happens – Shuichi Kobori & Masatoshi Yanagi
  8. The Hideout – Shuichi Kobori
  9. Mission Report! – Masatoshi Yanagi
  10. Production Destruction – Reo Uratani
  11. Derailed – Reo Uratani & Masatoshi Yanagi
  12. Some People Call This Teamwork – Reo Uratani
  13. Captive Normals (A Fever Dream) (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  14. You Said Make it Stop – Masatoshi Yanagi
  15. Check This Out – Shuichi Kobori & Masatoshi Yanagi
  16. The Hideout (808 Mix) – Shuichi Kobori
  17. Heatwave – Shuichi Kobori
  18. Test Chamber – Reo Uratani
  19. That’s Mister Chai to You! – Shuichi Kobori, Reo Uratani & Masatoshi Yanagi
  20. Previously On… – Masatoshi Yanagi
  21. New Teammates – Masatoshi Yanagi
  22. Vibin’ – Masatoshi Yanagi
  23. Dev Engine – Reo Uratani
  24. Heatwave (VÄRRT Mix) – Shuichi Kobori
  25. UNRESTRICTED CREATIVE FREEDOM – Shuichi Kobori & Masatoshi Yanagi
  26. Surrounded – Masatoshi Yanagi
  27. Buzzsaw (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  28. You Don’t Have What it Takes, Kid – Masatoshi Yanagi
  29. Downtime – Masatoshi Yanagi
  30. Snap (Out of It) – Masatoshi Yanagi
  31. Reciprocity – Shuichi Kobori & Masatoshi Yanagi
  32. Security Shutdown – Shuichi Kobori
  33. Can’t Stop Us Now – Shuichi Kobori
  34. This’ll Be Rough – Shuichi Kobori & John Johanas
  35. Negotiation – Shuichi Kobori
  36. ESCAPE PLAN!! – Masatoshi Yanagi
  37. Chasedown – Masatoshi Yanagi
  38. A New Fight – Masatoshi Yanagi
  39. Mission Report! (Korsica Mix) – Masatoshi Yanagi
  40. Through the Halls of History – Reo Uratani
  41. How Far We’ve Come – Masatoshi Yanagi
  42. Backstage Hustle – Shuichi Kobori, Reo Uratani & Masatoshi Yanagi
  43. My Heart Feels No Pain (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids (feat. Kayla Brown)
  44. Shut Down the Campus – Masatoshi Yanagi
  45. What’s the Next Move? – Masatoshi Yanagi
  46. Exposition – Masatoshi Yanagi
  47. Let’s Hope This Works – Masatoshi Yanagi
  48. Hey Gang, What’s That? – Masatoshi Yanagi
  49. Intruder (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  50. The Fizzith (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  51. Confrontation – Masatoshi Yanagi
  52. Reflection – Masatoshi Yanagi
  53. Surfacing (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  54. That Was Very Dope, CNMN – Masatoshi Yanagi
  55. You Can’t Take On All Of Us – Masatoshi Yanagi
  56. In a Blink (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  57. It Was All For This – Masatoshi Yanagi
  58. What the Future Holds – Masatoshi Yanagi
  59. Kicking Back – Shuichi Kobori & Masatoshi Yanagi
  60. Climb the Tower – Masatoshi Yanagi
  61. Boss (Vandelay Theme) – Masatoshi Yanagi
  62. Challenger! – Masatoshi Yanagi
  63. Give it All You Got – Masatoshi Yanagi
  64. I Handled it Again – Masatoshi Yanagi
  65. Synesthesia (extended mix) – The Glass Pyramids
  66. Secret Song (Making Things is Hard) – Shuichi Kobori & John Johanas

If any tracks from The Glass Pyramids sound new to you, it might be because they’re actually part of Hi-Fi Rush‘s Streamer Mode, and are original recordings from Tango Gameworks to replace the licensed music in the game. This is, as the mode’s name suggests, to avoid any copyright strikes on YouTube.

If you’re looking to listen to the licensed tracks from Hi-Fi Rush, Bethesda has also created a Spotify playlist for these songs. Here’s hoping they add the full OST to Spotify too!

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