The Marvels Gets A Great New Poster To Announce Its Delay

The Marvels Gets A Great New Poster To Announce Its Delay

Good news and bad news. The good news? We have our first official look at Marvel Studios’ The Marvels, starring Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris. The bad news? That first look reveals that the film, originally scheduled for release July 28, has been moved to November 10.

Here’s the poster…

This is certainly a bummer for anyone who was excited to see Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau on screen together but, there is a bit of a silver lining. To fill in that prime summer release date vacated with The Marvels, Disney has moved its Haunted Mansion movie from August 11 up a few weeks to July 28.

The Marvel is directed by Nia DaCosta and picks up after the events of Ms. Marvel, where we saw Captain Marvel appear in the bedroom of Kamala Kahn. Disney screened some footage from the film last year at D23 and we have to say it looked awesome.

The footage begins on a S.A.B.E.R. space station with Monica Rambeau (Parris) investigating some energy event for Nick Fury. She touches this blue wall and is shot backwards. “Captain Rambeau? Captain Rambeau!” Fury yells as the lifeless space suit floats toward the window. And when it gets close enough it’s… Kamala Khan. In Rambeau’s suit. She’s screaming and then goes “Oh, Nick Fury! Is this Avengers tech?”

It’s this moment where we see the scene of Captain Marvel in Kamala’s room from Ms. Marvel all of which is set to “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys. Rambeau and Fury show up at the Khan household and ask if Kamala is home and she freaks out. Rambeau explains that their energies are somehow linked. She can manipulate light energy and Kamala says “I’ll totally show you” what she can do, as her whole family yells “No!”

Captain Marvel is now in the house with them and she tells Monica not to call her that because she used to change her diapers (she was friends with her mum, remember?) “I’m very happy for you,” Mrs. Khan says. “But where’s my daughter?” Monica says she’s wherever Captain Marvel just was, and that’s when we see Kamala on a spaceship with Goose the Flerken.

There’s an action sequence inside the Khan house; all three of the woman are fighting together on a ship, we see them all together in super suits (yes, even Rambeau), just a ton of action featuring them all. Kamala then asks “Are we a team?” and Monica and Carol say no.

Seriously, the movie looks amazing and that we have to wait four more months for it definitely is a bummer. But hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.


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