The Biggest Destiny 2 Subreddit Is Currently Burning Itself Down Over Lightfall

The Biggest Destiny 2 Subreddit Is Currently Burning Itself Down Over Lightfall

Despite a huge amount of hype that saw Destiny 2 rack up its highest number of concurrent Steam players yesterday, the community is not having a great time with the new Lightfall expansion. Even our US counterparts expressed a certain dissatisfaction with how things are stacking up so far.

At least, not yet.

In the grand tradition of MMOs releasing major new expansions, the Destiny 2 community is currently burning itself down in protest. r/DestinytheGame, the biggest Destiny subreddit, is awash in angry posts this morning. Some level genuine critiques at some of the expansion’s more obvious deficiencies — a story that is impenetrable and confusing even by Destiny standards, and a curiously barren new city on Neptune — and some are just there to enjoy spraying haterade in every direction.

Let me embed a few just to show you what I mean.

Some really hate the new subclass and its associated grappling hook mechanic in particular.

Others detest its bizarre storyline (and spoilers, I suppose, for anyone that hasn’t blasted through the campaign yet)

Still more are pissed off at the number of new terms they have they have to wrap their heads around.

Still more hate Lightfall‘s attempts to revise Strikes (short, fast, 3-player mini-dungeons).

Byf, a well-known Destiny 2 content creator, attempted to unravel the situation and provide his own impressions, but even he came away bewildered and unimpressed.

Post after post after post, deeply unhappy fans are airing their various grievances. At least for the rise-and-grind Destiny 2 old guard, it seems like few in the official community are having a good time with Lightfall right now.

The smaller, and generally friendlier, r/destiny2 subreddit is watching it all go down with a mix of alarm and amusement.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is the latest expansion in Bungie’s enduringly popular online shooter. It drew a lot of older and lapsed players back in with its cyberpunk-inspired aesthetic and promises to revise many of the game’s older, stranger, or more vestigial systems. Right now, it’s hard to divine the truth of the situation. It’s clear that Bungie has a bit of work to do to bring up to the level its community expects, but there’s also an element of good old resistance to change at play here too. To what degree one exerts a pull over the other is, for now, in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

Destiny 2: Lightfall and its new Season of Defiance content roadmap are out now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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