Want To Look Like You’re Bathing In Piss? Use This Mario Lush Bath Bomb

Want To Look Like You’re Bathing In Piss? Use This Mario Lush Bath Bomb

Bath bomb makers Lush have joined forces with Illumination and Nintendo to bring out a line of Mario-themed skin and hair products to promote the Super Mario Bros Movie.

The products are kinda weird in their own right, to be completely honest. There’s a ‘Mario’ shower gel that makes you smell like cola, which is… gross? Honestly? But hey, that’s just me. Smelling like soda is not my vibe, but go off, I guess.

There’s also the Princess Peach body spray, though, which smells like peach and pineapple and sounds really yummy if I’m real with ya. That being said, the bottle it comes in looks like Ajax Spray & Wipe for Goths is very funny to me. When I think about it, that’s actually totally my vibe.

However, the funniest thing of all has to be the Question Block Bath Bomb. Sometimes we see a crossover that we don’t expect and we say, “Hey, that’s pretty funny. I wonder what could make it funnier?” The answer to that is if said crossover makes you look like you are bathing in piss.

Twitter user zemnmez posted these tweets yesterday, which showcased how their bath looked after dropping the Question Block Bath Bomb in it. You guessed it. It looks like piss.

Lush’s bath bombs have always been favoured for their ability to make your bath look like a rainbow glittery dream or whatever. The thing is, the colour that you go for is pretty important, and yellow seems naturally like a bad choice.

The website listing for the Question Block Bath Bomb actually shows that the bath bomb is a 2-in-1 situation. Once you get through the block, one of six Mario-related soaps will be revealed from within, each with its own colour.

And hey, from the looks of the options, it seems like getting a Coin or a Blue Mushroom in your Question Block is a one-way ticket to looking like you’re having a urine bath. Well, at least you’ll smell nice! Let’s hope nobody walks in on you, piss boy!

On the bright side, baths are generally the perfect time to be alone so if you do end up getting the Mario Lush piss bath, nobody really has to see it. And in your heart, you know it’s not piss, and that’s enough. Interested? Here ya go.

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