You Can Win A Chicken Crimpy Xbox Series S Console, For Some Reason

You Can Win A Chicken Crimpy Xbox Series S Console, For Some Reason

If you’ve ever thought “I wish my game console looked like more of a snack”, then Xbox has the competition for you. Hot off the heels of Xbox and Arnott’s Shapes teaming up to make controller-shaped Barbecue Shapes (the best flavour), the two brands have decided to get weird. That’s right, they’ve made a Chicken Crimpy Xbox Series S console, and you could win it.

The console itself is box-shaped, so I originally assumed they’d just make it look like a Chicken Crimpy Shapes box. Instead, the vibe is more as if they’ve put the console into Chicken Crimpy pyjamas, and that’s much cuter. There are pictures of the biscuit on an orange background with a variety of darker orange shapes that almost suggest they’re lurking in the shadows, spying on the real biscuits that got to be in the foreground. There’s also a matching controller, of course.

The Xbox Series S next to a box of Chicken Crimpy Shapes
Image: Microsoft

Fun fact: according to an infographic posted to the Shapes Insta page, Chicken Crimpy is the Shape of choice for WA, so people in Perth must be pretty pleased with this promotion. VIC and NSW are all about Barbecue, SA is Cheese and Bacon, QLD is Pizza, NT is Vegemite and Cheese for some bizarre reason, and TAS is Savoury, which is less of a flavour and more of a category.

If you want to win one of these consoles, you can head over to the Shapes Instagram account or buy a pack of shapes from Woolies. There are 10 consoles to be won and entries close on the 13th of April.

Photo: Microsoft
Photo: Microsoft

It was a big day for Xbox announcing stuff, because earlier the company also unveiled the Remix Special Edition controller, which I am now obsessed with. One-third of it is made out of regrind and reclaimed materials, and the rest is made with post-consumer recycled resins and “previously moulded coloured parts from leftover Xbox One generation controllers”, so they’re all a bit different. It looks really cool, it has a nice sustainability message for Earth Day, and it comes with a rechargeable battery pack (which everyone should get because AA batteries are wasteful in such a 1995 kind of way). You can read more about it here.

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