You Can Now Stuff Your Face Full Of Xbox Branded Shapes

You Can Now Stuff Your Face Full Of Xbox Branded Shapes

You will soon be able to (maybe, perhaps) win a box of Arnott’s Shapes that look like Xbox controllers. Xbox ANZ and Arnott’s are going to give some away via their respective Instagram pages. Xbox ANZ assures us they will not be available to buy at your local supermarket.

That’s all the news value, such as it is, that this story contains.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the real meat of this story — what do the Xbox Shapes taste like? Officially, they’re just BBQ Shapes that have been recut to resemble an Xbox controller. My theory here is that there was an extremely small leap from the Vegemite Shapes, which are shaped like Australia (with Tasmania cut off), to the Xbox controller.

xbox shapes
Exhibit A. Image:
Exhibit B. Image: Xbox ANZ

You see what I mean, right? Refine the edges, add a little stamp to it, and the silhouette is broadly similar.

The shape of the Xbox Shapes aside, we have to debate another facet of their design — their flavour. Xbox has selected BBQ as its official Shapes flavour. Lifehacker Australia‘s Lauren Rouse suggested to me that Xbox ANZ chose BBQ because the box is already green. This would mean you don’t have to change much to slide the Xbox brand in there. I’m inclined to agree.


Surely, as a gamer snack, regardless of your personal Shapes preferences, surely Pizza was the clear pick here. Wasn’t it?

But let’s pretend for a moment that BBQ and Pizza Shapes are out of the picture. What flavour do you think an Xbox-branded box of Shapes should be? Someone in our Slack suggested Sweat, which made me ill. Another suggested Mountain Dew, which I find to be reprehensible also.

So here it is, Kotaku Australia readers, your chance to gross me the hell out. Get in the comments: what flavour should the Xbox Shapes really be, and why?

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